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Travis Pastrana’s Appretiation of Colin McRae’s Heart to Give [1968-2007]


Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Dear Colin,

I’m not really sure how to begin a letter to my hero, but I’m going to start with ‘thank you.’

You had no reason to treat some kid from Annapolis, Maryland as well as you did. You treated everyone you encountered with a humble respect, and I admired you so much more for that.

Your talent as a driver was equaled only by your ability as a teacher. I’ve never had a competitor so willing to encourage me and help with care set-up and give advice that could only be gained otherwise through years of trial and error.

Even in defeat, you delivered two performances here at X Games that will never be forgotten.

It’s been a year since you last raced—eleven months since the helicopter crash took you away. The lessons you taught on the track were inspiring, but after getting to know you, I was even more inspired by the example that you set away from the car.

That’s why your spirit will be out there again this year on every car and every driver. And know that as long as I can strap on a helmet and give everything I’ve got to the sport you loved, your legacy lives on. We see you more than you’ll ever know.

Thanks for everything, buddy.

Your friend,

Travis Pastrana
[Winner, Rally Car Racing, X Games Fourteen]


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  1. russell

    miss you so much colin 🙁 you were the greatest.

    you did Scotland proud

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