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Why Does The Illuminati Eye Infest Christian Churches?

From: InfoWars

During a visit to a breathtaking, beautiful and ornate Christian cathedral in Lucerne, Switzerland last week, I was taken aback by the sight of something that seemed completely out of context and out of place – a baleful and evil-looking Illuminati eye staring out over a representation of the crucified Jesus. Why do similar depictions infest Christian churches the world over?

The Church of St. Leodegar, popularly called the Hofkirche, in the bustling town of Lucerne in northern Switzerland, was originally built in 735 and the present structure was erected in 1633 in the late Renaissance style. The cathedral’s distinctive twin needles were part of the original structure.

The church is opulently decorated with awe-inspiring golden statues and vibrant paintings depicting stories from the bible.

But when one reaches the front of the church and looks up at a statue of the crucified Jesus, looming over it in a window near the roof is a depiction of a single eye inside a pyramid with yellow and orange sun rays emanating from behind.

This occult symbol is completely not in keeping with the rest of the style of the church and the cathedral’s literature makes no mention of why it was placed there or what its significance is supposed to be. …

The video below showcases the Illuminati eye as seen in dozens of churches and cathedrals around the world.

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  1. Amanda

    Sorry to burst your bubble: But ALL religion has nothing to do with God… And Jesus NEVER existed!

    It’s ALL Mind Control to keep you disconnected from the Divine God. No one is coming to save you or I we’re adults it’s up to us to attain the “Christ Conscience” and remove the veil of blind ignorance.

    I’m NOT a bad person I’ve just accepted some very cruel home truths.

    Good Luck in you Search for Truth. Jesus has been exploited over and over by a bunch of crooks who call themselves ‘The Society of Jesus’ (Jesuits).

    God Bless

    Amanda x

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