TODAY I SPOKE WITH Sarah Palin’s pastor. His name is Reverend Larry Kroon & he is the Senior Pastor of Wasilla Bible Church in Wasilla Alaska where Sarah Palin resides. Pastor Larry Kroon confirmed that Sarah Palin was an “attendee” of Wasilla Bible Church.

I called Pastor Larry Kroon around 3 PM Mountain Time on today’s date, September 2 2008. I introduced myself to him as a “freelance reporter” for Jewish daily news. During our talk I told him that I was a former Jew and was now with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Pastor Larry Kroon described Wasilla Bible Church as “a Church that teaches that the Bible is the Word of God and calls upon its members to conduct their lives in accordance with it.” Pastor Kroon added that he was the pastor of a “non denominational” Church & that “between 800 to 1000 people attend Wasilla Bible Church on any given Sunday.

Here’s how our conversation went:

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