Austin City Limits, 2007

“Gravity has taken better men than me.
Oh my, how can that be?

Just keep me where the light is;
keep me where—where the light is ….

And if I should happen to confront the darkness,
which I’m sure by now I will—
let me have the power in me
to walk on through
, to hold it still.

Don’t let me fall from grace
just to feel the wind, the wind upon my face.
Teach me that the peace
is all a happy man will ever need.

Oh just keep me where,
— –  –keep me where,
—-     – —keep me where,
——         ——keep me where
——         –   ———the light is

oh where the light is.

Keep me where the light is.
Oh let me sing this prayer.

Oh where the light is!

[Mayer sings the rest of this prayer through his guitar.]”

– John Mayer

Transcription, mine

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