If Jah is by my side
I won’t tired
No, I won’t tired …

Your best you try to harm I and I*
Aiming to kill
But I love you still

Cause you are here to make
Prophecy fulfill** (Its Jah will)

No weapon that form against me
Desire shall not be
Divine protection
Shall set my soul free
(Talk to me)

If Jah is standing by my side
Then why should I be afraid
Of the pestilence that crawleth by night

* I: replaces “me”, “you”, “my”; replaces the first syllable of seleted words I and I, I&I: I, me, you and me, we Rastafari speech eliminates you, me we, they, etc., as divisive and replaces same with communal I and I. I and I embraces the congregation in unity with the Most I (high) in an endless circle of inity (unity)source

** John 15:20, perhaps? — “Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his lord.’ If they persecuted me [Jesus], they will also persecute you.”


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