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US: Speaker of the House Palosi says she favors bill amendment that would regulate political content of talk radio – in the name of fairness and “diversity in communications” of course. CNS 2009 Mar 6 (Cached)

New York: 50,000 demonstrate against budget cuts. Their Marxist leaders demand higher taxes for the middle class instead. The super-rich elitists do not pay taxes, but collectivism allows them to rule the useful idiots who demonstrate. WCBSTV 2009 Mar 6 (Cached)

US: Fed Chairman Bernanke arrogantly refuses to tell Congress which banks received taxpayers’ bailout money. YouTube 2009 Mar 5

Bank of England to follow example of Federal Reserve and create hundreds of billions of Pounds out of thin air to buy government bonds and failed industries. Taxpayers will foot the bill through inflation. Guardian 2009 Mar 5 (Cached)

UK: Motorist pulled over and taken to police station for laughing while driving! The police state just keeps growing. Mail Online 2009 Mar 5 (Cached)

American exposed to atomic-bomb levels of radiation from medical imaging scans and mammograms. Natural Health 2009 Mar 4 (Cached)

US: Law professor describes previously secret Bush memos on fighting terrorism as “The very definition of tyranny…. Everything a petty despot would want.” Raw Story 2009 Mar 4 (Cached)

US: Professor takes heat for calling police on student who believes campuses would be safer if students and teachers were allowed to carry concealed guns for self defense. Fox 2009 Mar 4 (Cached)

US: Supreme Court backs patients’ right to sue drug makers. Baltimore Sun 2009 Mar 4 (Cached)

UK Prime minister Brown addresses US Congress and says banking crisis demands centralization of global economy run by same people who caused multi-national crisis. Newsmax 2009 Mar 4 (Cached)

US: As oil demand continues to slump, full tankers lower anchors offshore waiting for demand and prices to rise. Storage facilities on land are nearly full. Washington Times 2009 Mar 4 (Cached)

US: The best investment portfolio may be half gold and half U.S. Dollars. Who would want Dollars when they are doomed to become worthless? Here’s the answer, but look out! It will soon change.
George Washington Blog 2009 Mar 3 (Cached)

US: In last 5 months the money supply has tripled. yet inflation has not occurred. Why not? Here’s the answer, but look out! It, too, will soon change.
The Hill
2009 Mar 3 (Cached)

Networks stick to myth of global warming despite avalanche of chilling news. BMI 2009 Mar 3 (Cached)

Vaccines a biological weapons? Live Avian Flu placed in Baxter vaccine materials sent to 18 countries. Natural News 2009 Mar 3 (Cached)

Glen Beck plays audio clip from 1060s regarding Khruschev’s boast that Americans will adopt socialism little by little until, one day, they will live under communism. Looks like he was right.
Posted 2009 Mar 2

Rumor floods Internet that US homes have been pledged to China. More disinformation from Hal Turner to panic patriots and make them look foolish. WND 2009 Mar 2 (Cached)

China: 1000 police attack villagers protesting government confiscation of land.
Epoch Times
2009 Feb 28 (Cached)

Obama Admin. continues Bush policy of denying prisoners in Afghanistan the right to challenge their imprisonment. Prisoners in Guantanamo may be moved to Afghan prisons. Isn’t it great to have two opposing political parties?
Herald Tribune
Posted 2009 Feb 28 (Cached)

Japanese scientists say global warming is not man-made. Describe computer models as “ancient astrology.” WND Posted 2009 Feb 28 (Cached)

Australia: Government to spend $18 million to study ways to reduce the amount of methane gas passed by farm animals. No comment needed.
Posted 2009 Feb 28 (Cached)

Pushing Drugs.” That’s the name of this excellent video survey of experts from inside the medical industry who tell how Big Pharma pushes useless and dangerous drugs on doctors and their patients. BrasscheckTV Posted 2009 Feb 28


Obama Lied; the Economy Died


[DVD] Destiny Denied: The Murder of Congressman Sonny Bono

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  1. centurean2

    When behind the iron curtain, there were always those that would brag that one day a little red star would shine over every home in the west.
    With Fabian Communists’ in every Western Government and establishment i’m afraid that prediction was already implemented gradually of course.
    We all have to accept that Western governments are nothing more than a farce, acting out a role for our benefit.

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