Ever see “Mr. Smith (Jimmy Stewart) Goes to Washington?” Ron, still, very much reminds me of Jimmy’s radical stand before Congress; though, he’s mellowed considerably. But I have to put in a disclaimer here.

Warning: this is trash TV. Chain-smoking-the-drug-nicotene ‘host,’ Morton Downey, Jr. goes so far as almost spitting at Ron at one point, because Ron Paul wants drugs to be constitutionally controlled by the states, just like alcohol and tobacco. And the videographer takes a cheap shot in response.

People sure do love to hate. And that’s how they marketed the show. Imagine Americans shouting at their TVs—at Ron Paul! Yikes!!

But I think it’s great to see Ron’s courage under fire 21 years ago. And millions of Americans got to hear for the first time that Uncle Sam is a gargantuan drug dealer. The ‘War on Drugs’ is mainly a war on the CIA’s competition. This is largely how they fund their black-ops projects that is in part destroying the USA and our reputation worldwide.

Hmmm. Wonder why the mainstream media never has reports this. It’s not just heroin. America’s getting jacked!

Lt. Col. Bo Gritz
, America’s most highly decorated Green Beret, tells MD, Jr. that the CIA is involved in the illegal drug business, namely heroin from Burma.* This is the first part of the show before the Ron Paul segments. July 1988.


Ron Paul gets into shouting match w/ Lisa Sliwa and MD’s lamers. Appearing w/ Ron Paul is the wildly dressed Otto von Ruggins and Professor John Flynn.


The shouting match continues. In the audience is Lt. Col. Bo Gritz….


Mort – died March 2001
Lisa Sliwa – divorced Curtis, is now Lisa Evers, a local FAUX News wonk in NYC.
Otto Von Ruggins – still around. His YouTube handle is ottovr.
Dr. Flynn – Law professor at University of Utah
Dana Beal – still around, still an activist
Ron Paul – running for President

Bo Gritz probably voted for Ron Paul in 2008

* From: Wikipedia’s Richard Armitage (politician)

In 1986, after a trip to Burma to interview drug kingpin Khun Sa regarding possible locations of U.S. POWs, former United States Army Special Forces member Bo Gritz returned from Burma with a videotaped interview of Khun Sa purporting to name several officials in the Reagan administration involved in narcotics trafficking in Southeast Asia. Among those named was Armitage, and Ted Shackley. The authenticity of the videotape and the content of the conversations on the videotape have never been debunked.


Ron Paul Then and Now – Is “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”