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2009 MARCH 28 – APRIL 3

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US: Bank of America considers raising salaries of key execs by as much as 70% as a means of avoiding bad publicity associated with bonuses. Clever, eh? Bloomberg 2009 Apr 3 (Cached)

British Prime Minister Brown says a “New World Order” is emerging from the global economic crisis. Makes it almost sound good. Breitbart 2009 Apr 3

Russian President Medvedev hails Obama as “My new comrade.” Yahoo 2009 Apr 2 (Cached)

Obama breaks presidential protocol and gives Islamic bow of submission to king of Saudi Arabia. See photo here. CFP 2009 Apr 2 (Cached)

US: House passes $3.6 trillion budget with a planned deficit of $1.2 trillion. The economic future of the nation grows darker by the minute.
2009 Apr 2 (Cached)

US: Anti-self-defense politicians say 90% of guns used for crime in Mexico come from the U.S. This is not even close to the truth. Here are the facts.
2009 Apr 2 (Cached)

US: Snopes says that concern over the proposed Food Safety Act is mostly unfounded. Here is the analysis, but we invite contrary opinion. Is it about what the bill now does or what it can be expanded to do? Snopes 2009 Apr 2 (Cached)

China: Government increases censorship of YouTube videos after scenes were shown of police beating pro-Tibetan demonstrators. Register 2009 Apr 1 (Cached)

Are governments more trustworthy than corporations? CFP 2009 Apr 2 (Cached)

US: Treasury Secretary Geithner says he will oust CEOs of bailed-out banks if they don’t run their banks correctly. (1) Since when does Geithner know how to run a bank correctly? and (2) If the government can oust bank CEOs, it already owns those banks. Reuters 2009 Apr 1 (Cached)

Irradiated foods cause neurological damage to cats. Researchers are quick to say they don’t think humans would be affected. Really! Natural News 2009 Apr 1 (Cached)

US: Government agency that insures the nation’s pension funds invested heavily in stock market just before it crashed. Pension funds were already in the stock market, which is why they needed insurance. Government usually makes things worse.
2009 Mar 30 (Cached)

US: Torture of prisoner claimed to be top Al Qaeda operative produced zero information to foil plots of terrorism. He was not a top operative after all. Washington Post 2009 Mar 29 (Cached)

China: Decline in exports accelerates with no end in sight. Epoch Times 2009 Mar 29 (Cached)

Spanish judge to hear torture case against six Bush officials. This appears to be serious.
2009 Mar 29 (Cached)

Global Warming scientist who taught and inspired Al Gore repudiated his own theories several years later. Brasscheck 2009 Mar 29

Investigation shows that pharmaceutical companies fund doctors’ medical education and create slanted view that favors drugs over non-drug therapies. SJOnline 2009 Mar 29 (Cached)

Now a bill has been introduced to bail out newspapers. Like in a whirlpool, all enterprises are being drawn into control of government in the name of stimulus.
2009 Mar 28 (Cached)

Last week, the Governor of Missouri apologized for labeling followers of 3rd-party candidates as terrorists. Now learn how this happened in the first place. Law enforcement is deeply compromised.
Posted 2009 Mar 26 (Cached)


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Seymour Hersh: Secret US Forces Carried Out Assassinations in at Least a Dozen Countries, Including in Latin America

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  1. centurean2

    Government is a corporation, at least the UK one is.

    Checkout www,

    You can checkout your own area councils etc.

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