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NASA Faked Apollo 11 Moon Photos


Further Info:

Was The Apollo Moon Landing Fake?

(video) NASA Insider: Did we go to the Moon? Why have we never returned?


Steve Vaus: “We Must Take America Back” 2009 [new version, High Quality]


Gerald Celente April 2009: False Flag Recovery


  1. It was 100% fake as in 100 of the photos the flagging is moving at the wind. There is no wind there. Look further in and visit my site at

  2. Mason

    Actually mythbusters tested it and they showed that the flag moves!! YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS!!!!

    • Jeff Fenske


      You’re calling people ‘idiots’ who’ve probably looked at the evidence a lot more thoroughly than you have.

      Dees’ illustration doesn’t even mention the flag. It does mention the Hassleblad still photos that are absolutely faked. That doesn’t mean the mission was faked; though, there is very solid evidence that suggests that some of the missions were. [see my link under the photo]

      The only thing I absolutely know for sure is that NASA lied to us about the still photos.

      Then where does the lying stop, once one jumps on the lying train?

      Jeff Fenske

  3. anand

    podanga .. neenga moon kku thaanda poveenga…. naa daily kaalaila two’s poren theiryumaa….

  4. BrandonD

    Thanks for having a sensible analysis of these photos. I agree with you that many of these photos are faked, but this does not *necessarily* mean that the mission was faked. It just means that photos were faked.

    Some of the missions may have possibly been staged, but this cannot be concluded from the photos alone.

    • Jeff Fenske


      I totally agree. But who would have thought they would lie to us about the moon landing photos? Why didn’t they just tell us the truth about why the photos didn’t turn out? Now we know they’re frauds. And they’re representing US.

      Lying, today, is apparently the norm, but lying back then? Who knows what else they lied about. When it starts, where does it stop?


  5. Joe

    I think it’s authentic. At least not a certain hoax. The moon is very reflective, you know this, as we can see it from here. It’s entirely possible that some spots are more reflective than others, creating the hotspot or inconsistant lighting.

    The shadows are not parrallel, but you are looking at their reflection on the convex face shield, which distorts it, like mirrors at a circus that aren’t flat.

    The dark side of the astronaut is clearly not as brightly lit as his backside, not the brightness around the edges of his suit. His front is weakly lit, from the reflective quality of the moons surface. It’s is not perfectly smooth so light hitting the moon is scattered in multiple directions, not like a mirror that reflects perfect angles.

  6. Johnny

    any idjit knows that the flag was made stiff so that one could see it was american

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