More Ultra-Vivid Headlines from G. Edward Griffin’s

2009 JUNE 20 — JUNE 26

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US: Insider executives are dumping their stock and exiting the market. Bloomberg 2009 June 26 (Cached)

US: Vaccine doctor given at least $30 million to push vaccines. Mercola 2009 June 25 (Cached)

US: G. Edward Griffin delivers opening statement at Jekyll Island Project. Reminds the coalition that “Those without power cannot defend freedom.” Vimeo Posted 2009 June 25

Congresswoman says the U.S. now has a gangster government – and she proves her point.
Posted 2009 June 24

UN to emerge as global IRS. Media is not covering this development. News with Views 2009 June 24 (Cached)

Iran: Government now rivals China with the ability to track every email and internet phone call in the nation. Technology was provided by Japanese and European companies. WSJ 2009 June 23 (Cached)

US: Red Roof Inns default on $1 billion debt. Calculated Risk 2009 June 23 (Cached)

US: Ron Paul says the goal of Obama and Congress is economic collapse. Why would they want that? Because it would justify even more power into their hands. Raw Story 2009 June 23 (Cached)

Obama supports bill to create civilian national security force. The police state grows by the minute. FFRadio 2009 June 23 (Cached)

Japan trade implosion continues. Exports fall 41%. Naked Capitalism 2009 June 23 (Cached)

US: Banks are holding many foreclosed properties and not putting them up for sale. In this way they hope to avoid pushing real estate prices down even further on the properties they do have for sale. In other words, the real estate market is in worse shape that it appears. AZCentral 2009 June 23 (Cached)

9/11 FEMA photographer at Ground Zero goes public with new information that further challenges the official version. For example, did you know that the high-security underground vault used by the CIA and FBI had been completely emptied before 9/11? And much more. Voltairnet 2009 June 22 (Cached)

North Korea vows that, if it is attacked by the U.S., they will retaliate and “hurt” America.
Belfast Telegraph 2009 June 22 (Cached)

Virginia state police designate those who oppose the New World Order as domestic terrorists.
Prison Planet 2009 June 21 (Cached)

Obama’s Justice Department wants to dismiss Geronimo’s family lawsuit agains Skull and Bones secret society. AP/Fox 2009 June 21 (Cached)

British document shows that, when it became obvious that Iraq had no WMDs, GW Bush and Tony Blair planned a false-flag operation to provoke Iraq into firing on a US plane painted as a UN plane and use that as an excuse to invade Iraq, supposedly in retaliaton. Guardian 2009 June 21 (Cached)

The “Obama Man” song. This may not be news but you’ll enjoy the satire.
Bob & Tom TV
Posted 2009 June 20

US: Federal Reserve (a banking cartel) to become the most powerful regulator of the economy of any institution in history. It’s frauds and failures of the past now will be greatly expanded, and the middle class likely will be plundered out of existence.
Posted 2009 June 20 (Cached)

Phoenix: Vandal takes sledgehammer to photo radar camera. AZFamily Posted 2009 June 20 (Cached)