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2009 JULY 25 — JULY 31

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US: GDP falls for 4 straight quarters, the first time that has happened since 1947. Media headlines, however,  focus on fact that decline is less than expected, which spins the story into a message of “recovery.” Reuters – 2009 July 31 (Cached)

Obama’s approval rating now at the lowest ever recorded for a president. This makes him extremely dangerous as he ponders what shattering event could cast him in the role of “savior.” Will a mere pandemic be sufficient? Rasmussen 2009 July 31 (Cached)

Genetically-modified foods have no independent studies of their performance or safety because it is forbidden in seed sales contracts. The only studies published in scientific journals are released by the companies that produce the GMOs. But don’t worry. Corporations wouldn’t lie, would they? Scientific American, August issue, posted 2009 July 31 (Cached)

US: Swine Flu vaccine will contain mercury-based thimerosal, a preservative that many scientists and doctors believe is linked to autism and other neurological disorders. Washington Post 2009 July 30 (Cached)

5.6 million illegal aliens to be covered under Obama healthcare program. But don’t worry. Taxpayers have plenty of surplus earnings to pay for it.
2009 July 29 (Cached)

US: 1.5 million home foreclosures to date is just “tip of the iceberg” according to Center for Responsible Lending. 13 million more expected by 2014.
Reuters 2009 July 29 (Cached)

US: Defense Secretary Gates to authorize all branches of military to assist FEMA in Swine Flu “emergency.” Why would military be needed? Think about it. Fox News 2009 July 29 (Cached)

The UN’s World Health Organization recommends mandatory injections in all 194 countries that accept WHO jurisdiction. Companies that produce vaccines sit on WHO panel of advisors. Can you spell “conflict of interest”? How about “corruption”?
Natural News 2009 July 29 (Posted)

US: $2.2 trillion in U.S. commercial properties now at risk of foreclosure because they are worth less than in 2004. Their mortgages now are higher than their worth. Bloomberg 2009 July 29 (Cached)

200 Chinese bankers arrive in U.S. and begin asking hard questions of Obama Administration officials about sustainability of recent deficits. China is the biggest lender to the U.S. government and now is worried that repayment can never be made.
NY Times
2009 July 28 (Cached)

Mexico to require all citizens to have a national ID card. No discernable opposition from the public who are docile in the face of authority.
Sacramento Bee
2009 July 28 (Cached)

Florida town outlaws playing catch – to protect people from being injured. Collectivism knows no limits. WMUR 2009 July 27

US: “The recession is over!” screams the cover headline on Newsweek magazine. Smart investors will buy a copy as a collector’s piece.
Washington Post 2009 July 27 (Cached)

G. Edward Griffin explains the collectivist agenda behind The United Nations and the Global Warming myth. YouTube 2009 July 26

N. Korea: Woman executed for distributing Bibles. Communist government claims she was a spy, but that is the charge against all who are arrested for religious “crimes”. News3 2009 July 25 (Cached)

Mathemagic! Watch this young man do the most incredible math calculations in his head. Then he shares his tricks – which won’t help you a bit.
Google Video 2009 July 25

US: Everything you need to know about the planned forced vaccination of school children. Another good reason for home schooling.
Posted 2009 July 25 (Cached)

MSNBC interview succinctly and with humor sums up current Federal Reserve action as the “greatest theft ever.” Spitzer calls it a “Ponzi scheme” and “inside job.”
Posted 2009 July 25

Drug companies to reap billions from sale of swine-flu vaccine. Financial Times Posted 2009 July 25 (Cached)

Epidemiologist says “A whole industry is waiting for a pandemic.” Claims that profit from vaccines has led to great exaggeration of threat.
Posted 2009 July 25 (Cached)

US: Near record home vacancies hit 18.7 million from bank seizures in worst recession in 50 years. ritholtz Posted 2009 July 24 (Cached)

Missouri car dealership gives away an AK47 with each pickup truck purchased. You will love his blunt honesty and composure in the face of a challenging reporter. YouTube Posted 2009 July 25