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2009 AUGUST 1 – AUGUST 7

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US: Unemployment rate already at 20% after adjustments are made to eliminate government tampering with the numbers.
2009 Aug 7 (Cached)

US: Senate confirms Sonia Sotomayer to Supreme Court in spite of (or perhaps because of) her opposition to private ownership of firearms for protection. They ARE planning to take your guns. GOA 2009 Aug 6 (Cached)

US; Federal Reserve buys $14 billion of government bond sale. That’s a huge leap upward indicating that private and institutional buyers are staying home. That means they no longer trust Uncle Sam. That means creation of all this money out of thin air. And THAT means massive inflation.
Chris Martenson 2009 Aug 6 (Cached)

US: For the first time, the number of people receiving food stamps reached 34 million. That’s 1 in every nine Americans. Yahoo 2009 Aug 6 (Cached)

US: Fannie Mae is back with its hand out for more. After receiving over $101 billion of taxpayers’ money, now it wants $10.7 billion more. Congress and the Fed, of course, will give it.
Raw Story
2009 August 6 (Cached)

UK: National ID card cloned and data altered in 12 minutes. Obviously, this system is not really intended to stop professional criminals or terrorists. It is designed to track everyone else.
Computer Weekly 2009 Aug 6 (Cached)

Another study shows that mercury in vaccines causes neurotoxic reactions similar to autism.
Mercola 2009 Aug 6 (Cached)

Obama Administration working on treaty to allow searching PCs and phone devices – to protect copyrights, of course. Atlas Shrugs 2009 August 5 (Cached)

US: Warren Buffet firms receive $95 billion bailout from Congress. Many of those companies (mostly banks) would have failed otherwise. Could that be the reason he lobbied for bailouts?
Raw Story 2009 August 5 (Cached)

Swine Flu vaccine is incubated in infected kidneys of African Green Monkeys. A military contractor holds the key patents. A military contractor?
Natural News
2009 Aug 5 (Cached)

Obama administration preparing quarantine regulations for imprisoning those who are suspected of having an infectious disease and for restricting people to their homes. This may be a good time to consider acquiring an extra stock of food.
Farm Wars 2009 August 5 (Cached)

Big Pharma propaganda claims that mecury in vaccines may actually be healthy by improving neurological performance – and media reporters broadcast it without challenge. Incredible!
KEYE News 2009 Aug 5

California won’t accept its own IOUs in payment of taxes. Courthouse News 2009 Aug 4 (Cached)

US: Founder of Blackwater, a private-army contractor, is implicated with the murder of several people who were planning to testify against him. Nation 2009 Aug 4 (Cached)

Venezuela: 34 radio stations forced off the air by Communist Hugo Chavez because they were critical of his regime. TV stations are next in line. All media outlets are slated for government control – just like in the rest of the world. AP 2009 Aug 4 (Cached)

Cuba: Largest grocery stores remain closed while those that are open are depleted of food by those who are fearful of shortages due to economic crisis. Could be a glimpse into the future for the U.S. and many other countries. AP 2009 Aug 4 (Cached)

US: Tax receipts are on pace to drop 18 percent this year, the biggest decline since the Great Depression, while the federal deficit balloons to a record $1.8 trillion. Massive inflation will result. Star Tribune 2009 August 3rd (Cached)

Study finds 70% of American children are vitamin D deficient. Lack of sunlight exposure is primary cause, related to overuse of sunscreen.
Yahoo 2009 Aug 3 (Cached)

US: Government claims ownership of your computer and all data within it if you connect to their website. Even Glen Beck is amazed. Brasscheck 2009 Aug 3

Greece to compel vaccination of entire population and says its authority comes from the EU. Greeks have lost control over their bodies and their country as well. Kathimerini 2009 August 1 (Cached)

New York Nurses Association declares opposition to mandatory immunization of health-care workers against influenza because “the vaccine is not 100% effective” and “there is no guarantee the public will benefit. Business Review Posted 2009 Aug 1 (Cached)

212 scientific papers show harmful or deadly side-effects from vaccines. Next time someone tells you these things are safe, show them this list.
Posted 2009 Aug 1 (Cached)

Study group analyses Obamacare bill and concludes that it is a “euthanasia bill.” It also allows the government to confiscate bank accounts of old people to prevent them from “wasting” their money on health care when they are expected to die soon anyway. This is classic collectivism.
Posted 2009 Aug 1 (Cached)

UK: Half of the children given Swine Flu vaccine are reporting immediate side-effects such as nausea and nightmares. Long-term effects are unknown.
Times Online Posted 2009Aug 1 (Cached)

FBI wistleblower says that Bin Laden was working with U.S. intelligence agencies right up to 9/11.
Daily Kos
Posted 2009 Aug 1 (Cached)

US: KBR, a war-contract construction company with political influence in Washington, announces its quarterly profits rose 40% over last year. Lobbying pays big. Forbes Posted 2009 Aug 1 (Cached)

US: Peter Schiff, supporter of Ron Paul and champion of the free-market, establishes exploratory committee for U.S. Senate candidacy. The seat is now held by an Old Guard collectivist.
Schiff for Senate Posted 2009 Aug 1 (Cached)

Why you should avoid taking vaccines, an overview by James Howensteine, MD.
News with Views Posted 2009 Aug 1 (Cached)