From: Bob Fletcher Investigations

“They are going to kill us all !” (The quote of Governor Connally when he was shot)   A report of the JFK  assassination that will shock even the old students of this conspiracy . This DVD report, actually shows all of the potential shots and identifies the real shooter on the grassy knoll by name as well as many other co conspirators.  It includes one agency’s video enhancement and sworn statements along with live video statements that Bob has gathered over 20 years. See footage of a secret meeting between Nixon and Johnson and other agents in Texas the day before the assassination.  See two (2) bullet holes and shots that hit the limousine windshield.  Plus Nixon knew Ruby years before the shooting in Dallas; see and hear Ruby speak of “the new secret government” before he died ; The first casket Kennedy was put in was changed.  See interviews with the men who loaded Kennedy into the first casket and the doctors who unloaded him in another state.  Much later, On May 29,1999, The US government (the Defense Dept and GSA, general services) admitted, dumping the  original casket into the ocean at a depth of apx 9000 feet on March 19,1964, therefore hiding the evidence!

Regardless of your political background, anyone in America who has ever questioned this murder must see this report. Fully documented with live personal statements, and docs.

Aprox run  time 120 min

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