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2009 NOVEMBER 14 — 20

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Aspirin kills 400% more people than swine flu. Natural News 2009 Nov 20 (Cached)

CIA Secret torture prison, that CIA previously denied existed, is found in Lithuania. Everyone connected with it says it no longer operates. I guess we must believe them this time.
News 2009 Nov 19

EU “stitches up” new government to replace European nations. By appointing two little known figures as President and Foreign Minister, they avoided opposition that would have developed if Blair had been selected, as was anticipated. The new President immediately calls for Europe-wide taxes and elimination of national flags and anthems.
Daily Mail 2009 Nov 19 (Cached)

Research suggests that wearing a cell phone on your hip may weaken your bones. Fertility problems are also a possibility. Mercola 2009 Nov 19 (Cached)

Are you a conservative, a liberal, a leftist, a right winger, a progressive, a constitutionalist? Would it surprise you to discover that none of these words really mean anything? Here is the first of a series of animations, based on the writings of G. Edward Griffin, that leads to the amazing conclusion that there are just two ideologies from which to choose. Enjoy! YouTube 2009 Nov 19

Obama says too much government debt could fuel a double-dip recession. What irony it is to hear that from the greatest advocate of massive government debt the world has ever seen. And the press carries the story straight-faced without comment.
2009 November 18 (Cached)

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US: Goldman Sachs, which is preparing another multi-billion dollar bonus for execs and key employees, attempts to divert criticism by allocating a so-called ‘altruistic’ $500 million program for small businesses. This is less than 3% of its employee compensation pool. Few people are impressed.
ABC 2009 Nov 18 (Cached)

Société Générale (a major European investment firm) tells clients how to prepare for potential ‘global collapse’. Telegraph 2009 Nov 18 (Cached)

UK: Residents are allowing the government to place secret CCTV cameras inside their homes to spy on neighbors for “anti-social” behavior. This is an electronic version of residential spy networks used in Nazi Germany, USSR, and Red China.
Daily Mail
2009 Nov 18 (Cached)

US: NSA, government’s largest spy agency, is working with Microsoft on the development of Windows 7 to protect computers from being hacked, of course. But what if NSA does the hacking? NPR 2009 Nov 18 (Cached)

US: Jewish Anti-Defamation League launches hate campaign against anyone opposed to the growth of totalitarianism in America. ADL suggests that dissidents should be removed from society. That is exactly what Hitler tried to do with Jews and other enemies of the state. Infowars 2009 Nov 18 (Cached)

UK: Even the very rich are going broke as evidenced by a “discreet” pawnbroker with an inventory of Ferraris, Rolexes, and even a private airplane.
Daily Mail 2009 Nov 17 (Cached)

Italy’s Foreign Minister calls for EU army because that is necessary to make a true regional government. They already have regional money; so now we bid final farewell to sovereign European nations as the New World Order rises from their rubble. Times Online 2009 Nov 17 (Cached)

US: Mortgage delinquencies hit another record, 6.25% for the third quarter of 2009.
MyWay/AP 2009 Nov 17 (Cached)

Netherlands: Law is drafted that will require motorists to have a meter installed in their cars to calculate a milage tax. Those without the meter will face jail or heavy fines. Dutch News 2009 Nov 17 (Cached)

US: Army reports an increase in suicides for the fifth consecutive year; yet describes it as “progress.” Government puts a spin on everything.
MSNBC 2009 Nov 17 (Cached)

China: Tibetan website creator sentenced to jail for 15 years for allegedly “divulging state secrets” but real reason is that he has reported news of Tibetan protests. Epoch Times 2009 Nov 17 (Cached)

US: Federal Reserve loses lawsuit, initiated by Bloomberg News, and has 5 days to disclose the companies that received bailouts — or the Fed can appeal the decision. There is no doubt that it will do so. Bloomberg 2009 Nov 17 (Cached)

Iran: The UN Atomic Energy Agency confirms that Iran’s Uranium enrichment program is able to produce fuel, not weapons, but American leaders and media persist in claiming that weapons are the goal; thus the pressure continues for a pre-emptive strike by the US and Israel. Yahoo/AP 2009 Nov 17 (Cached)

Study shows that almost 15% of Americans had inadequate food in 2008. In 2009, the number will be higher. Sierra Vista Herald 2009 Nov 16 (Cached)

World media has told of flu pandemic in Ukraine. Now we learn it may be a political ploy to sidetrack public demand for regime change. informationliberation 2009 Nov 16 (Cached)

White House website boasting of jobs created by so-called stimulus funding is largely fictitious such as reports from Congressional districts that don’t exist and jobs supposedly created in districts where zero money has been sent. This propaganda web site has cost taxpayers $18 million. ABC 2009 Nov 16 (Cached)

US: Florida town considers $1000 per-day fines for allowing grass to grow taller than 8 inches. Repeat violators could be fined $5000 per day. Such insanity would be forbidden by paragraph 2 of The Creed of Freedom. Palm Beach Post 2009 November 16 (Cached)

UK: Government agents enter homes to make sure parents are protecting children from accidents. Next could be to protect them from dangerous beliefs and thoughts. Collectivism is on the march. Times Online 2009 November 15. (Cached)

Agribusiness corporations making global land grab, not to improve food production, but to gain control over people by controlling the world’s food chain. 2009 Nov 14 (Cached)

Canada: Former chief health officer of Ontario admits that Swine Flu is “a dud.” Meanwhile, in the US, officials continue shouting “Pandemic! Pandemic!” with no data to back it up.
Pandemic Flu Online Posted 2009 Nov 13 (Cached)