Live: Follow Senate health care bill debate online | Abortion galore in Reid’s health-care bill

Live: Follow Senate debate online 
Health care bill nears test vote

“Care delayed is care denied.”
— Sen. Tom Coburn

Senators are stating that states will be MANDATED to also fund health ‘care,’
further bankrupting them.

~”It’s all about government getting control over our lives….”
Sen. Orin Hatch

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Abortion galore in Reid’s health-care bill 
Pro-life advocate: HHS’ Sebelius can cover elective procedures under ‘public option’

2 thoughts on “Live: Follow Senate health care bill debate online | Abortion galore in Reid’s health-care bill

  1. Jeff Fenske

    Dear Eu And Us 2,

    I understand what you’re saying. I would put it this way. We aren’t a democracy, like the media claims over and over we are. We’re a republic. And part of what distinguishes a democracy from a republic is that we elect representatives (or Senators) into office whom are supposed to be more in the know than the general public could be about the specifics of legislations. Integrity would be voting their conscience….

    That’s how it’s supposed to work; however, most Congressmen aren’t deeply moral people. They’ve compromised their integrity all along the way, and most violate their pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States, passing all kinds of unconstitutional bills.

    Most are traitors to our country and beholden to special interest groups and the globalists who put them into office.

    The man who stands out head and shoulders above almost all of the others is still Ron Paul. Michele Bachmann is impressive too. I like Dennis Kucinich on many (but certainly not all) issues, and there are probably others too who still have true integrity. But not many.

    But most Americans don’t have integrity either.

    The fact that we’re supposed to be a republic can’t save us if the people who elect the congressmen are no longer moral. How people can be moral again, together, is much of what I focus on at my other site:

    The main problem in America is the churches. Alexis de Tocqueville would be shocked if he saw us now.

    As go the churches so goes the country.

    It’s hard to expect the leaders to have integrity when those who elect them mostly don’t.

    An Alaskan sidenote. It’s sad to see that former Senator Ted Stevens clearly lacked integrity, but then is replaced by Senator Mark Begich who is so different from his brother Nick Begich, whom I think should have been the Senator we elected instead of Mark.

    This kind of breaks my heart. Ron Paul would have had another bud….

    Lack of integrity almost across the board is taking us down, but this makes a real spiritual revival that much more likely.

    I should also sy that this is the main reason I’m against this national health ‘care’ bill:

    We’ll all have to pay for abortions too, just like we have to fund these unconstitutional and immoral nation-building wars.

    Those who still do have jobs will be forced to fund Big Pharma putting Americans to sleep, drugging them so they are no longer clearly in tune with their consciences.

    I’m into natural, preventative medicine (whenever possible), and being spiritually right with God and all people. Just as in the Bible days, sickness is still probably much more often than not demonically caused. Hate and anger, Americans cursing each other is now rampant. And we have the world cursing us because of how spread our filth everywhere and use our might and power in reverse-Christian ways.

    America is a sick nation. We’re getting what we deserved, since most are *going rogue*, not being led by the Holy Spirit and walking in love.

    God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. He doesn’t want us to be rogue, but rather obedient to His leading. Only then can we be free.

    Thanks for posting, Mr. or Ms. Eu and Us 2.

    Jeff Fenske

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