I was a Caddy for the Elite: CEO’s Hands are Tied

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Having tripped across the truth about 9/11, central banks, etc. in 2006, I set out to get a grasp on the elite class in order to understand their collective mindset.

For three summers, I caddied at one of the most exclusive private golf clubs in the Northeast and had the opportunity to spend four hours at a time with some of the most recognizable stars of the business world and their families.  I was not out there asking direct questions like a journalist, just going where the conversations went.  Here are some of the impressions these experiences left me with.

Not many of them know. We have to realize that the internet is relatively brand new, and that most successful people with children and grandchildren and money to spend freely haven’t looked into the possibility of hidden satanists at the top of the pyramid.  Many internet writers associate firms such as Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers with evil itself, but in reality, even with respect to career upper level employees, most of them have no idea.  It is highly compartmentalized.

CEO’s are PR reps, and that’s all they are unless tapped to serve further in the public eye.  I have spent many days with a former CEO of a major financial institution that failed, a man who took significant heat in the media for it, and I can tell you he had no control over it.  He knows, but he also knows there’s nothing he can do about it.  He was a fall guy, and he worked his entire life to get into a position to be a fall guy, and get that golden parachute.  The entire system depresses him, as it should, but he is out of it now and trying to enjoy retirement with his lovely wife and children.  Who can blame him?

-A former CEO of a major television network, genuinely disillusioned by the system, was very candid with me at times expressing his discontent.  After spending several consecutive days with him and his family on the golf course, we began discussing alternative media.  When I asked him if four conglomerates own the entire mass media, he corrected me, saying it was only three.  When I asked him what group was more influential, the U.S. Congress or the CFR, he smiled and said, “If you’re asking me that question, you already know the answer.”  The impression he gave me was that even as CEO, especially as a CEO, your hands are tied.  His entire family is composed of first-class individuals. …

Prescription drug abuse is as common among the wives of the elite as it is on college campuses.

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