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Ron Paul explains that it’s not Al Qaeda in Yeman that threatens U.S. security but the U.S. in Yeman that threatens U.S. security.


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2009 DECEMBER 26 – 2010 JANUARY 1

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US: Case is dropped against Blackwater guards charged with unprovoked murder of 17 unarmed Iraqis. The reason is, not that they were innocent of the crime, but that the prosecution used evidence it was not supposed to see. This appears to be a case of a deliberately flawed prosecution designed to fail. It pays to have friends in high places.
2009 Dec 31 (Cached)

US: Gold watchdog group brings law suit against the Federal Reserve, seeking a court order for disclosure of records of its market intervention to suppress the metal’s price. GATA 2009 Dec 30 (Cached)

US: Treasury and Federal Reserve inject another $3.8 billion into GMAC Financial Services to bail out even more mortgage losses. This makes the government the majority owner of the auto and home finance company. It will be paid for by the common man through taxes and inflation.
Reuters 2009 Dec 30 (Cached)

US: FDA approves drugs for healthy people — a bonanza for drug companies. Selling drugs only to sick people is a limited market. Now they can reach those who have nothing wrong with them and convince them that taking pharmaceuticals will keep them healthy. Natural News 2009 Dec 30 (Cached)

UK: Health Commission wants to make kids walk and cycle to school to fight obesity, so it plans to ban parents from picking them up. Where does government get the right to tell parents they can’t pick up their own kids? Answer: They are NOT their own kids. Under collectivism, children belong to the state. So do adults. Daily Mail 2009 Dec 30 (Cached)

People of Hawaii override Public Health officials and pass resolution against forced vaccination. Issue not yet settled, but this is an encouraging sign of rising public resistance to tyrannical government. Mercola 2009 Dec 29 (Cached)

Al Gore refuses to debate Lord Monckton on global warming. He won’t even accept questions from the audience unless they are pre-approved.
Brasscheck 2009 Dec 29

France: Carbon tax ruled unconstitutional just two days before it was to take effect.
What’s Up
2009 Dec 29 (Cached)

US: Government plan would replace food crops with trees because they are more environmentally friendly. Consumers would suffer food shortage and higher prices. This would not be a consequence of natural disaster or weak economy. It is being PLANNED. Washington Times 2009 De 29 (Cached)

Long-term use of anti-bacterial drugs by humans and in livestock is producing new strains of infection that defy treatment. MSNBC 2009 Dec 29 (Cached)

US: Author and journalist Webster Tarpley raises serious issues about the failed attack on a US passenger jet traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit. Was it a set-up provocation controlled by the CIA? YouTube 2009 Dec 29

Russia: Police whistleblower who used YouTube to expose corruption of senior officers is now being prosecuted by the very people he exposed. Russian police have the reputation of being among the most corrupt in the world, but it’s the same in any collectivist state. Raw Story 2009 Dec 28 (Cached)

England’s most lucrative speeding camera rakes in almost £500,000 per year. Officials fear that this and similar cameras may become targeted for vandalism. Daily Mail 2009 Dec 28 (Cached)

China has executed British drug smuggler. This is the same government that harvests organs from live human prisoners for sale in the medical black market. Which is worse: drug smuggling or human butchering for the purpose of organ smuggling? Telegraph 2009 Dec 28 (Cached)

Ron Paul explains that it’s not Al Qaeda in Yeman that threatens U.S. security but the U.S. in Yeman that threatens U.S. security.
Campaign for Liberty
2009 Dec 28

Vancouver town square erects a large bust of Lenin and a female rendition of Mao Zedong. It is described in the press simply as “controversial art.” Vancouver Sun 2009 Dec 28 (Cached)

North Korea to ban all citizens and visiting foreigners from trading or possessing foreign currency. Otherwise, no one would accept the worthless national currency.
Digital Journal 2009 Dec 28 (Cached)

UK: 20,000 Council members given the authority to enter homes without a warrant to inspect for energy efficient refrigerators, proper hedge height, and to ensure hypnotism is not taking place. Collectivism at its finest. Daily Mail 2009 Dec 28 (Cached)

US: Witnesses report that well dressed man helped so-called Christmas Bomber board aircraft without a passport. Did he have help from someone in authority? Major press is not reporting this story. NWO Report 2009 Dec 27 (Cached)

UK: Telecom companies complain that government is forcing them to store deatails of every phone call, email, and website browsing for at least a year so police can have access – to protect against terrorism, of course. Mail Online 2009 Dec 27 (Cached)

The majority of Americans now believe that so-called stimulus legislation has hurt the economy instead of helping it. Rasmussen 2009 Dec 26 (Cached)

In the wake of an alleged attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day, the U.S. and Canada introduce even more restrictions for air travelers, including not being allowed to leave one’s seat one hour before landing. Yahoo 2009 Dec 26 (Cached)

US: Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) changes rules to allow federal regulators to “cook the books” of banks to make them appear more sound than they really are — the same practice that sends private accountants to prison.
NY Times Posted 2009 Dec 26 (Cached)

Obama signs executive order granting INTERPOL (an international police agency) immunity from American laws. Now they can commit any crime with full protection of the federal government.
National Review
Posted 2009 Dec 26 (Cached)

National Irish Bank, like its Scandinavian parent, Danske Bank, is going cashless. Customers cannot make cash deposits or withdrawals; they will have to use from ATM’s. Other Irish banks plan to follow suit. Irish Times Posted 2009 Dec 26 (Cached)

Copenhagen Climate Summit: Lord Monckton explains how communist-style world government is being implemented by the environmentalist movement. Don’t miss this powerful presentation. There are links to parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Posted 2009 Dec 26

Just 16 cargo ships expel as much pollution as all the cars in the world, yet they are not subject to restrictions. So why is there so much pressure to limit the use of automobiles? Could it have more to do with controlling (and taxing) people than protecting the environment?
Mail Online Posted 2009 Dec 26 (Cached)

US: Supreme Court declares that the President and military can declare any American to be an “enemy combatant.” That will make them a “non-person” under the law, which means they can be arrested without charges, tortured, and “disappeared.” Congress and the media remain silent.
Posted 2009 Dec 26 (Cached)

US: Excellent synopsis by Judge Napolitano on what states and the people can do about a tyrannical federal government. Very important information. YouTube Posted 2009 Dec 26

Analyst predicts 2010 food shortage in the U.S., leading to financial disintigration.
Market Skeptics
Posted 2009 Dec 26 (Cached)

Aussie farmer’s health failing on 39th day of hunger strike protesting government confiscation of his land to satisfy terms of Kyoto Treaty on global environment. CLRG Posted 2009 Dec 26 (Cached)

Obama administration pledges to take money from taxpayers to cover Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac losses for next three years. Government stands ready to take over all segments of the economy that are in trouble because of previous government intervention. Total control of the economy following the Soviet model is the new American reality.
Reuters Posted 2009 Dec 26 (Cached)

RETRACTION: Last week, we ran a story from OpEdNews regarding soldier deaths in the Gulf War. Since then we have found that the numbers are in question, so we are obligated to retract the story. We will keep close tabs on this issue and inform our readers informed when reliable sources become available.

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