Paul Craig Roberts: History of the Income Tax; How a V.A.T. Would Affect Us — How the Economy was Lost

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“The Federal government pays people to go onto internet sites and try to discredit anybody that speaks the truth.

The state department does this, and it’s also used worldwide. They use it to try to destabilize governments that aren’t American puppets.

So there’s a tremendous use of propaganda. It’s very difficult for American people to ever get a firm grasp on what the real situation is. They’re too busy….”

[youtube=]Paul Craig Roberts Returns to Alex Jones Tv 1/4: A Journey into serfdom!

TheAlexJonesChannel — April 15, 2010 — Paul Craig Roberts makes a special appearance on “Tax Day” to explain how the income scam works and how you’re really just a slave to the International Banking Crime syndicate.




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