What are the goals of the feminist movement?

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Feminism: Recipe for slavery (1 of 8)

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What are the goals of the feminist movement?

1) Turn women into dictators

2) Turn men into women

3) Convince women marriage is slavery

4) Promote female superiority

5) Promote sexual permiscuity as “sexual liberation”

6) Promote abortion and population control

[The list may continue in part 2, but it requires signing up to view adult content, which I’m not going to do]

The bottom line is that Satan wants to control all people and destroy anything that would keep people from his control. He has to turn things upside down, replacing God’s ways with his ways, making them look so attractive.

When society sufficiently succumbs to his perverting machinations, then he can successfully bring in the New World Order, one-world government in which he will be in total control, as predicted in Revelation. People will have no rights. The Rockefellers and others have promoted the feminist movement to destroy America so the global ‘elite’ can be in complete control.


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What are the goals of the feminist movement?

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