Jon Stewart mocks 9/11 truth — particularly deplorable because like the others, Stewart won’t allow 9/11 truth to be aired on his show despite 1 in 3 Americans consider 9/11 an inside job — and our response is destroying America

Real funny, Jon,
considering you’re one of the gatekeeping, 9/11 truth blockers,

Alex Jones: “Why is 9/11 truth so important?
It is the pretext for the dismantling of our republic!”

From: Infowars

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert trash 9/11 Truth, plan counter-Beck rallies

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart along with Stephen Colbert are announcing counter-Beck rallies at the Lincoln Memorial on October 30, 2010. Stewart’s is for “Restoring Sanity”, Colbert’s is for keeping “Fear Alive”. While both of these guys have done some pretty amazing work pulling down the pants of right wing hypocrisy and government lunacy, they are nonetheless serving the unhelpful role of left wing progressive gate keepers by once again referring to 9/11 Truth activism as “conspiracy” stuff.

Jon Stewart trashes 9/11 truth

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