Glenn Beck Show makes fun of 9/11 truth, the Bible and (for telling the truth about aspartame)

[youtube=]Glenn Beck Show blasts INFOWARS.COM for telling the truth about aspartame

SaveOurSovereignty3 | October 11, 2010

Airing Date Oct. 11, 2010

So the two stooges who are regulars on The Glenn Beck radio show today thought they would play the roll as gate keepers once more. They target a news article posted at about how Glenn’s mysterious illness could be linked to Aspartame. In the segment they Bash infowars the website it self calling it nothing but a conspiracy website.
I wonder if these two creatures even know what the word conspiracy is? Because it is all Mr.Beck covers himself. Truly blind ignorance at the highest level.

They were responding to this infowars article…

Because Drudge had linked to it…

It is the MSM favorite term to use on someone that they would like to silence.They just bet on its viewers and listeners being dumb enough to not even know the definition of the word.

Anyway Pat and Stu go on to tell its viewers how fantastic aspartame is and anyone who says its not is basically a nut job.

Ive had it with Beck, ive had it with those who promote this Moron, im done !

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