CitizenLink (formerly Focus on the Family Action): Lisa Murkowski supports abortion-on-demand and frequently supports tax-funded abortions

From: A CitizenLink (formerly Focus on the Family Action) email

October 14, 2010

Dear Friend [written to Alaskans],

You are in Barack Obama’s political bulls-eye.
That’s right. The president is desperate to save his political allies in Congress and is targeting key races around the country that could help him do just that.
And he has Alaska in his crosshairs. After all, what’s at stake in your U.S. Senate race is not just whether the president’s party will control the Senate … but also to what degree your senator will support his vision for America.

You see, it’s no surprise that President Obama’s agenda is all about big government, abortion on demand, and policies that undermine marriage and the traditional family.
But what is a surprise to some is that your current senator, Lisa Murkowski, supports elements of that Obama agenda:

Sen. Murkowski supports abortion-on-demand and frequently supports tax-funded abortions.
• She supported the D.C. homosexual lobby by voting to expand hate crimes to cover actual or perceived sexual orientation.
• She also, along with the president, slammed the door on parental choice in education by voting against re-funding the D.C. Opportunity Scholarships – which would have given poor parents in D.C.’s failing schools the same choice that President Obama enjoys, while ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.
• And as the fourth most liberal Republican senator, she has played a big role in adding to the record deficits and debt that the Washington establishment has piled on our kids and grandkids.

What’s more, President Obama knows that Sen. Murkowski’s leading opponent, Joe Miller, is opposed to his big-government agenda and is a consistent supporter of the sanctity of life, marriage and family values.

And, as you may know, Democrat Scott McAdams – who trails in the polls – is not only strongly pro-abortion but actually favors a health-care plan to the left of ObamaCare.

That’s why – when my staff and I surveyed the nation – your state was one of only a handful that rose to the top and called for special attention. I had to make sure that our friends like you knew the truth about where your candidates stand and what’s at stake.

So may I ask you to please take the following simple steps in response?
1) Because campaign season is the time when politicians are most attuned to the people, now would be a great time to politely challenge Sen. Murkowski on her positions and especially to thank Joe Miller for his commitment to fiscal restraint and family values.
2) Please forward this information to other people in Alaska – perhaps to family, church friends or others who share your values – so they, too, can make a difference. That small step can have a huge impact. Please do that today.
3) Be sure to vote your values in this crucial election year!

Thank you for standing up for the family – and for America – at this critical time.

Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President
CitizenLink (formerly Focus on the Family Action)

P.S. With absentee voting already underway, please share this e-mail with like-minded friends today, if at all possible.

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