A shot across the bow: Missile expert says southern California projectile was a foreign-made cruise or ICBM missile launched from a submarine

If this is the George Freund I know about, he’s a great guy who is on Joyce Riley’s The Power Hour on occasion.

All it takes is a few nukes to be blow above the US and the EMP pulses would put us back into the stone age. See the links following the article, which includes my dream of all cars stopping in Anchorage, very possibly from an EMP.

We could be very close to the end of America.

Perhaps this launch was meant just to be a message. We better take heed and get off of our high horse.

Just like that, it could be all over: One EMP nuke could take down the entire U.S. power grid. Study estimates 90% of all Americans dead within a year

Roger Waters:
It was the Greatest Show On Earth …
And when they found our shadows grouped ’round the TV sets …

Jeff Fenske

From: Rense

More On SoCal Missile From A Missile Tech

By George Freund

“Finally there is something that has occurred, in which I am actually an expert and qualified to give a real answer about. I am a retired U.S. Navy FireControl Technician, who is platform certified in the gun and missile systems on board Adams class guided missile destroyers, I have also worked with the Navy’s Harpoon, Tomahawk and ASROC missile systems. (FireControl Techs operate, maintain and repair the computer, radar and periphial systems used to launch and guide the various naval weapon systems, we are the guys who “PUSH THE BUTTON”).

Anyway, what I saw in the recent video concerning the object 30 miles off the coast of CA. Is blatantly a foreign made, Large Cruise or ICBM missile, being launched by a sub-surface aquatic platform.

First, I know it’s a large missile because it did not exhibit the typical “corkscrewing” trajectory of a beam riding missile as it trys to aquire the targeting beam. This tells me its a Big Boy with a complete guidence system installed in it, what is nicknamed a “fire and forget” missile, as once its launched its internal guidance system takes over and there is no real need for external guidance.

Second, I’m fairly confident it’s not one of ours, as the vapor trail appears “dirty” it looks brownish.

I have personally been involved in (5) SM2 missile launches, and (2) ASROC missile launches, and have been on safety observation for at least 15 more launches of Harpoons, Tomahawks and other missiles. We put alot of sweat and money into our “birds” and part of that is the fuel cells, they burn very clean, a whitish-blue infact, not a dirty blackish brown. That missile had rather crude fuel cells, which tells me its not one of ours.

I bet the brass in Washington is freaked out big time, because of what I know of our “defenses” they should really have had a pretty good idea this thing was sitting there, and they should have been watching it, not only that the moment it broke the surface of the water and ignited our early warning dopplar should have picked it up, and relayed the info to NORAD, and the CAP units flying patrol over the country… Any high ranking expert who believes this is a condensation trail off of a commercial airliner is lying or stupid. I hope you hear from other Fire Control Techs who saw the same thing I did.”



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