The News from Prison Planet — How about “Don’t Go, Don’t Kill” (DGDK) and Military sexual abuse ‘staggering’


One thought on “The News from Prison Planet — How about “Don’t Go, Don’t Kill” (DGDK) and Military sexual abuse ‘staggering’

  1. Mic Hunter

    Book Review
    By Gary Schoener
    Clinical Psychologist
    Executive Director
    Walk-In Counseling Center-, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Essential Reading for all Americans
    Honor Betrayed: Sexual Abuse In America’s Military
    This is an extraordinary book.
    Dr. Hunter notes that even the Pentagon acknowledges that many male veterans acknowledge having been sexually assaulted by their comrades in arms – and also notes that contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of such male victims are heterosexual. A full 28% of female veterans who were surveyed reported that they had been assaulted while serving their country. Dr. Hunter reviews data and dozens of case examples – some well-known cases, and some which did not receive much publicity. Dr. Hunter explores the impact of sexual assault, sexual harassment, hazing, and other aspects of service using research data, case examples, and some cases which have been litigated. Tailhook and other cases are reviewed and their eventual outcomes examined. He also examines torture, harassment of prisoners, and other forms of brutality – from Me Lai to Abu Ghraib. Despite the grim picture he paints, Dr. Hunter also has suggestions for change and even optimistic thoughts about it, noting that the military successfully dealt with racism against African Americans, and in some places this change preceded such changes in civilian life. This is not just about problems – it is about solutions. The book contains many fascinating pieces I was not expecting. This is one of the best books on abuse I have ever read, and it stands alone in terms of the main topic – honor betrayed – sexual abuse in America’s military. I read it straight through – I had difficulty putting it down. I plan to read it a second time – there was so much of importance in it that it was hard to take it all in during one reading. This book should be required reading for citizens and legislators and all those who have anything to do with sending people off to war and welcoming them back home. Anyone who is offering service to veterans has, in my professional opinion, an obligation to read this book. There are many things in it which service personnel are not likely to reveal.

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