Chronic Fluoride Poisoning mimics lyme (OT) | There is as much fluoride in powdered eggs as in toothpaste?

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There is as much fluoride in powdered eggs as in toothpaste?

Dow Chemicals in their test of ProFume, their new fumigant for food
handling facilities found a residue of 754 ppm (parts per million)
of fluoride anion in powdered eggs. 1 They have petitioned the USDA
to permit a maximum of 900 ppm of fluoride anion residue in powdered
eggs, which was granted in July of this year. Concentrations of
fluoride in toothpaste sold in the United States range from 1,000¡V
1,500 ppm. 2 Toothpaste comes with a warning ¡§Keep out of reach of
children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is
accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control
Center right away.¡¨ To reconstitute 1 egg you would need a
tablespoon of powdered eggs. 3 That is a lot more fluoride than
what is in toothpaste!

According to Geofrey Nochimson, MD, Consulting Staff, Department of
Emergency Medicine, Sentara Careplex Hospital, ¡§Ingested fluoride
initially acts locally on the intestinal mucosa. It can form
hydrofluoric acid in the stomach, which leads to GI irritation or
corrosive effects.

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