Linda Stone – Satanic Rituals in America, in Churches — “In our instance, there were mostly pastors, church members, elders … psychiatrists”

[youtube=]Rense & Linda Stone – Satanic Rituals in America

JRense | February 13, 2011 | 24 likes, 0 dislikes

Jeff speaks to Linda Stone who, after having regained custody of her children, relates the existence of a sordid world that they went through.
And she discovers how historically institutionalized abuse is.


The Family Tree: A True Account of Multi-Generational Satanism

6 thoughts on “Linda Stone – Satanic Rituals in America, in Churches — “In our instance, there were mostly pastors, church members, elders … psychiatrists”

  1. Sad to say its only going to get much worse because when I had a pastor say Tim why dont you just commit suicide also sense all the pain you have gone through in life,its very diffecult to look back on that now but very few pastors,priest or leaders or being held accountable for many things.The time is now to get in to the word of God,Repent of your sins and come to know the Holy Spirit as a true friend and find a loving church to go to.

    1. Jeff Fenske


      What that pastor told you is so reverse-Christian, but nothing surprises me anymore. Some of us watched Godfather Part III in order to better understand a particular church we were involved with.

      What we know for sure is God is not mocked. What church leaders sowed they will reap eternally. Galatians 6:

      7 Don’t be deceived. God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that will he also reap. 8 For he who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption. But he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.

      And in their ‘churches,’ there will be no real spiritual revival until there is repentance and reconciliation — and letting those lead who are supposed to lead.

      Many will actually pray against (James-3 curse) those who could be competition, who could really lead the revival, which would make them look bad, because their churches are going nowhere until they repent.

      We can rest assured knowing they may be able to fool some people, but they’ll never be able to fool God, Who resists the proud, but gives tangible, life giving grace to the humble.

      At ONEcanhappen, I’m trying to help real Christianity to happen. Then the world will know, Jesus said.

      I’ve also have an entire category called Biblically disqualified leaders in the hope that those who are disqualified will fear God enough to step down and let those who are ready to lead lead. And perhaps they can be restored to leadership once they get right with those they’ve hurt.

      But they’re in big trouble in the meantime. For some, the flames in Hell will be neck high:

      How CLEAN do our HEARTS have to be from the Hebrews-12 root of bitterness that defiles many so they lose their reward? Where is the place of SAFETY — RESTING, KNOWING for SURE we’re going to heaven? Selah …

      They accepted the responsibility which comes with a stricter judgment.

      If I were them, I wouldn’t walk, I’d run to apologize to those they’ve hurt.

      God is not mocked!


    1. Jeff Fenske


      My email address is just above the “Power to the Peaceful” picture at “About Jeff Fenske,” which is the second post at the top at the right hand column in all three of my sites.

      Jeff 🙂

  2. joe

    I Do believe what she is saying ,But how she was able to go out of a satanic relation or out of the satanic church ,how she was able to go out and tell everything in a book without being harmed ?¡ this really impresses me because as far as I know people related with satanists that tries to get out and tell all wether they get killed or something near them gets killed

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