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2011 FEBRUARY 19 – 25

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US: Federal government prepares for ‘shutdown’ if debt ceiling is not raised. It would be far from a shutdown. 25% of employees – who perform ‘unessential’ services – would go on furlough. (They would be paid later for not working.) Agencies like FBI and Social Security will not be affected.
2011 Feb 25 (Cached)

Libya: Gadhafi militia opens fire on protesters with automatic weapons as he vows he will live and die in Libya. Libyan delegation at the UN defects to the opposition. The soldiers are both Libyan and foreign mercenaries. Yahoo 2011 Feb 25 (Cached)

US: Shoppers increasingly are opposed to genetically modified foods, but they probably are eating them anyway without knowing it. Most soybean and corn crops now are GM, and more are being approved by the FDA on a continuing basis. GM salmon is slated for approval later this year. [FDA approval does not mean these foods are safe. It just means that large agri-business corporations have spent millions to influence their decisions.] Yahoo 2011 Feb 25 (Cached)

Bank of India will be the first Indian bank to directly convert Rupees into Chinese RMB for businesses that want to bypass the US dollar. Many traders no longer consider the Dollar to be a stable currency. Times of India 2011 Feb 24 (Cached)



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US: Drug Enforcement Administration legalizes marijuana but only when processed and distributed by pharmaceutical companies. For everyone else it is a crime. 15 states have legalized the marijuana for medical purposes. [Another coup by Big Pharma!] NaturalNews 2011 Feb 24 (Cached)

Ireland: Rising suicide rate may be related to despair from a sagging economy and high personal debt. Yahoo 2011 Feb 24 (Cached)

Maryland: Corroll County abolishes the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, which was administering the UN’s Agenda 21 (the blueprint for depopulation and urbanization). The newly elected County Commissioners also eliminated the County’s Office of Sustainability. [Proof that local governments have tremendous power.] Examiner 2011 Feb 23 (Cached)

Seattle restaurant near airport puts TSA agents on a “no-eat list” because they have mistreated their customers. Police have been helpful in escorting TSA agents from a cafe. Over 90% of the customers support the policy. Raw Story 2011 Feb 23 (Cached)

US: A study released by a far-left organization is presented by mainstream media as though it were objective and accurate. It claims that groups which are outspoken against political corruption or loss of freedom are ‘anti-government’, ‘extremist’, or ‘hate’ groups. [Expect this conditioning of the American mind to intensify in preparation of a crack down on so-called extremists groups.] Raw Story 2011 Feb 23 (Cached)

US: Supreme Court rules that vaccine makers cannot be sued in state courts if their products cause injury or death. The decision was based on the argument that, to allow lawsuits would open the door to a flood of them, especially from parents of autistic children, and threaten the supply and sale of childhood vaccines. [In other words, the Court made its decision, not on the basis of what would be fair to victims of vaccines but what would be best for the makers of vaccines.]
Yahoo 2011 Feb 22 (Cached)

US: Home prices continue to plummet in most large cities and are expected to fall further in the next six months. Yahoo 2011 Feb 22 (Cached)

Greece: ‘I won’t pay’ movement spreads. On the heels of austerity measures, citizens are refusing to pay for anything supported by taxes, such as tolls, transit tickets, even health care. [This movement is spearheaded by the Communist Party, which seeks to topple the present government and replace it with another just like it but under Leninist leadership.] MSNBC 2011 Feb 22 (Cached)

Providence, Rhode Island, dismisses all 1,926 teachers, effective the last day of school, until they figure out how to overcome a $40 million deficit. Projo.com 2011 Feb 22 (Cached)

US: An undercover agent, assigned to test the effectiveness of airport full-body scanners, concealed a handgun in her clothing and slipped past security on multiple occasions. NBC 2011 Feb 21 (Cached)

Michigan: Dwindling tax revenue forces education officials to shut down half of Detroit schools and increase class sizes to 60. [Do not be surprised if the number of ‘administrators’ will have to be increased to oversee the cutback.] DET News 2011 Feb 21 (Cached)

Virginia’s bill fails that proposed state issuance of gold and silver coins as an alternative currency, but another bill authorizing the minting of gold and silver commemorative coins is on its way to the Governor. [Many sound-money advocates favored the original bill, but they did not read the Constitution. Article 1 Section 10 forbids states to issue money. That is a function of the federal government. However, there is no obstacle to minting “commemorative medallions.” If people elect to use those in barter instead of Federal Reserve Notes, oh, well.] Washington Post 2011 Feb 21 (Cached)

Monsanto’s “Roundup” spray used on its GMO soy crops is linked to spontaneous abortions and sudden-death syndrome in livestock. [The active ingredient in the spray is Glyphosate, which  stimulates the growth of fungi and pathogens. These are what appear to be causing the harm. It’s a classic case of scientists messing with nature and causing unintended consequences.] Activist Post 2011 Feb 21 (Cached)

G. Edward Griffin and Attorney Anthony Patchett discuss the contract that farmers must sign when they buy Monsanto seeds. ALL liability is shifted to the farmers! If they actually read this contract, it is unlikely that many will sign. Thus, spreading awareness of this contract could cause farmers to stay away from Monsanto genetically modified seeds. YouTube 2011 Feb 21
Here is an article showing the exact wording of the offending paragraph. MorphCity 2011 Feb 21 (Cached)

Alaska: State Representative Sharon Cissna went through a body scanner at the Seattle airport and, because she had a mastectomy, was required to get an intrusive pat-down. She stormed out of the airport and took a ferry boat home instead. DailyMail 2011 Feb 21 (Cached)

US: Science conference hosted by UN promotes government-orchestrated reduction of population. It claims that, otherwise, the world will be a horrible place within just 40 years. [Here we go again. Every time governments want to justify an additional grab of power, they create scare scenarios of pending doom. There is no science to back up these predictions. Statistics show a population decline in much of the advanced world, with primitive regions expected to follow suit as life-style and education improve.] DailyMail 2011 Feb 21 (Cached)

US: Federal, state, and local government debts now equal the high mark after World War II � and are greater than the size of the entire economy. [When the war was over, the debt fell rapidly; but, today, it is continuing upward in a vertical climb.]
Washington Post
2011 Feb 20 (Cached)

The UN wants 2% of every nation’s income (that includes 2% or your income) supposedly to fight global warming. Promised ‘benefits’ are millions of new jobs and better health for all. [What they didn’t say is that taking 2% of the world’s income will cause the loss of twice as many old jobs as the the new ones created. Oh, did we mention that global warming is a myth?] Guardian 2011 Feb 20 (Cached)

Gulf of Mexico: Scientists at the University of Georgia have photo proof from a submarine that there still is a great deal of oil from the BP spill, and it is not degrading as claimed by BP and the government. [Now let’s see what happens to these brave scientists.]

Yahoo 2011 Feb 19 (Cached)

California’s biggest utility company, PG&E, is rushing to install ‘Smart Meters’ across the State in spite of growing opposition and county boycotts. Residents are concerned over high levels of radiation that those meters emit. [PG&E claims that only the politically appointed Public Utility Commission has authority to stop them. Do you suppose they have friends on the Commission?]
Posted 2011 Feb 19 (Cached)

Study finds that ‘Smart Meters’ – used to monitor and remotely control utility services – typically have electro-magnetic radiation levels equal to living within 200-600 feet of a cell phone tower. [So, those ‘wackos’ as the press called them, who were worried about the health hazards of smart meters were right after all.] American Chronicle Posted 2011 Feb 19 (Cached)

Utah has proposed a bill for exemption from the federal (misnamed) Food Safety and Modernization Act. The proposed bill correctly contends that food grown, traded, and consumed inside the state does not fall under federal jurisdiction.
Salt Lake Tribune
Posted 2011 Feb 19 (Cached)

New York: Woman is arrested for taking photos of an airport attraction while inside her car on a public road. She legally had a gun in her trunk (she had been to the shooting range) and $13,000 in her purse for her children’s tuition in a private school. $5300 was missing when her purse was returned. LongIslandLawyer Posted 2011 Feb 19 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

The “revolutions” in the Arab world are not what they appear to be on the surface. This analysis probes the problem of acting with rage against a known tyrant but being in the dark about who is waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces afterward. This could be a dress rehearsal for what is coming to the U.S. NeitherCorp 2011 Feb 24 (Cached)

Why do people have guns? Not because they are afraid, but because guns allow them to be unafraid. They level the playing field and allow the small and weak to be equal to the large and strong. This analysis is an appeal to logic and common sense.
posted 2011 Feb 23 (Cached)

US: Zero-tolerance policies in schools are converting them into agencies of a police state, prison-like in nature; criminalizing behavior, and punishing instead of educating. Analysis by John Whitehead.
Lew Rockwell
2011 Feb 17 (Cached)

The Global Warming Conspiracy, a documentary by Jesse Ventura, is well worth watching. In spite of the overly dramatic style of production, the facts are accurate and important. They will make you angry. truTV, Posted 2011 Feb 14

Here is an excellent analysis of “Which Path to Persia,” a strategy paper prepared by the Brookings Institute, which is a think tank funded by mega-corporations within the orbit of the CFR. Everything that is happening in the Middle East is in accordance with this plan, developed in 2009. If you want to know what will happen next, read this. All major decision were made long ago.
Activist Post
2011 Feb 13 (Cached)

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