AMAZING! Brazen Brzezinski admits outright the U.S. LIES — What we SAY vs what we DO “as a matter of practice”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske ToBeFree

Now today, it seems to me, the United States is right in saying that it shouldn’t take the lead in arming the rebels and even being in the forefront of the military initiative. But quietly, we can certainly do a lot. And I think our allies, who have taken the lead are dependent on us in that respect.

So there can be a slight gap [Brzezinski even lies about the gap being slight], not total contradiction, [Brzezinski smiles] if I may say so, between words and actions. I think the posture should be that we’re in the back seat. As a matter of practice, I think we can be doing a lot more.

– Zbigniew Brzezinski
4/3/11 on CNN

Lying admission at 2-minute mark

[youtube=]Zbigniew Brzezinski On CNN About Libya

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Airing Date April.03, 2011


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