[audio] Michael Savage Does it – Interviews RON PAUL! (Full Interview — all 12 minutes — RARE — Why?) America can’t survive if it becomes a “SAVAGE NATION” – blackness in our hearts

In other YouTube videos in which Michael Savage actually mentions Ron Paul, he’s saying don’t bother calling to talk about Ron Paul because he can’t win anyway.

But he can’t win because of how the media (and pastors) treat Ron Paul. Michael Savage actually admits in these other videos that he normally screens Ron Paul callers so he won’t waste his important air time on Ron Paul.

The truth is probably that Ron Paul isn’t pro-preemptive war enough (notice how Ron is careful not to mention cutting war spending, specifically), and the Savage acts like he’s independent and can say anything, but he is beholden to his bosses just like Rush Limbaugh and the others.

They’re paid big bucks to keep the people from learning the truth about the ‘Federal’ Reserve and why America is really going down. He’s not stupid, and knows exactly what he is doing.

Why does he openly call his show “The Savage Nation,” which isn’t just because it’s his last name? He likes the concept. Normally, you can just feel the hate and anger in his heart. I’m baffled why anyone would want to listen to him. His heart usually seems so black to me, reminding me of the Ring-wraiths, sucking life out of people. He’s one of the key people keeping America down.

Why do people want to be ‘savages’ when they can be full of real solutions and life? Why does anyone let blackness into their home and their car?

I think Michael Savage is from the dark side. He usually just oozes negativity, keeping the real solutions off of his radio show.

I’m not impressed with the few bones he gives us.

America needs virtue, not blackness if it is to survive. We need to be clean.

Jeff Fenske

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w2jzF2e9cg]Michael Savage Does it- Interviews RON PAUL!!!!! (Full Interview)

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