2 thoughts on “Alex Jones: Ron Paul Wins Key Victory — Paul wins [online] Iowa straw but globalist media covers it up!

  1. Anonymous

    I can raise TEN MILLION DOLLARS for RON PAUL… I am J.P. Valentino here… We supply CitiBank with their Reward Dollars and several fortune 500 companies with their Reward Dollars… I am currently heading up a fundraiser for Christian Churches to RAISE 400 Million for NON PROFITS… Please check 20to1fundraiser.com you can reach me 24/7 at 775-237-8656

  2. Michelle Bachmann bought 4,000 votes by buying 4,000 tickets at $30 each so supporters could vote. And they say she won by less than 1 %. That means had she not bought 4,000 tickets for supporters Ron Paul would have won by a landslide. I am from MN and Bachmann would not even will state senate here. She is only strong in her district. She constantly says stupid things. It is my belief that Rick Perry is the chosen one by the Elites and they are using Bachmann because much like Palin she is entertaining and keeps the media away from the issues and off of a critical look at Perry. The bonus with her is she’s a women (so you have the token women in the race) and because of all the dumb things she has said in the past she’s likely to say something dumb eventually and fizzle out as a candidate and if she doesn’t they can pull a number out from past media coverage to take her down. I believe she knows she is being used and has no hope of winning and is in the game for her own ego and in hopes of landing fame and money like Palin did. Ron Paul I believe has freaked them out. They are hoping to ignore him and he will go away, but it looks like it might be hard for them to do. If this strategy does not work they will try to demonize his supporters as radicals and terrorists. I will put a sign for Ron Paul either way in my lawn and I am excited to be able to vote for a candidate I actually believe in.

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