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Dow Skids 450; Economic News Disappoints: The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged sharply, led by Bof and Hewlett-Packard after squeezing out a small gain in the previous session. The S&P 500 and the tech-heavy Nasdaq also tumbled. The CBOE Volatility Index, widely considered the best gauge of fear in the market, surged over 20 percent to trade near 40. All 10 S&P sectors were sharply lower, led by techs and banks. On the economic front, factory activity in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region plunged to minus 30.7 in August, hitting its lowest level since March 2009, according to the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank. Economists had expected for positive 3.7, according to a Reuters survey. more

Wall Street Targeted For Britain-Style Riots: In the wake of Britain’s riots, a group of American radicals are planning a “Day of Rage” targeting Wall Street and U.S. capitalism. The upcoming protests, replete with a planned tent city in downtown Manhattan, is closely tied to the founders of ACORN and leaders of major U.S. unions, including the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU. There are indications the protesters are training to incite violence, resist arrest and disrupt the legal system. more

Gold & Silver: Full Spectrum Dominance: Gold and Silver have emerged in the last 12 months as the dominant asset group. They led the entire 2000 decade, still gathering disrespect. They do not require respect from the Wall Street and London crowd. They serve as effective protection during the slow motion crumbling process to the global monetary system. The sovereign bond crisis has circled the peripheral nations, rendered its wreckage, and is working toward the center where the USTBond and UKGilt reside (worried). Italy and Spain are squarely in the crosshairs for financial assaults, but France and the United States lie closer to the core of Western nation sacred debt territory, soon to become sacred burial grounds. more

Power Cuts Threat As Sun Storm Hits Earth: A huge mass of electrically-charged particles thrown out by a gigantic eruption on the Sun is due to strike the Earth tonight. Scientists expect it to trigger one of the most violent geomagnetic storms ever recorded. The result could be widespread power surges and even blackouts, disrupted TV and mobile phone signals, and broken down communication satellites. At the same time the Northern Lights, normally confined to polar latitudes, may produce dazzling displays in the skies above southern Britain. morego to archives


Aug 19
Gold Rises Above $1,860
Gold Rallies 2 Percent To Record, Equity Rout Persists
Chavez Emptying Bank of England Vault as Venezuela Brings Back Gold Hoard
Remarkable Times For Gold Make Chavez Policy Path Of Wisdom!
Panic Resumes: Gold To New Highs, Treasury Yields To New Lows, WTI About To Break $70 And Futures Sliding
White House Orders Agencies To Cut Their Budgets
Economists Refuse To Recognize the New Great Depression
Thousands Camp Out for Job Fair as Jobless Rate Rises
Dust Storm Envelops Phoenix, Downs Power Lines
Spacecraft Sees Solar Storm Engulf Earth
BP Investigates New Oil Sheen Near Green Canyon Block In Gulf Of Mexico
Terrorists Attack Southern Israel Killing 7
Turkish Planes Bomb Kurdish Rebels in Iraq
Iran’s Covert War With Israel In Caspian
Taliban Attack On British Office In Kabul Kills At Least Nine
12 Signs That We Are Getting Dangerously Close To War With Syria
Police Scramble To Fight Flash-Mob Mayhem
Confirmation of Coming Nuclear Strikes
Atlantic City NJ : Meet Verizon’s Newest Security Force: Blackwater
‘Devil Worshippers’ Attack Church
Nancy Dunn: Saving the Satanist
MSF Launches Mass Vaccination In Ethiopian Camp
Aliens May Destroy Humanity To Protect Other Civilisations, Say Scientists
Rewinding Evolution: Scientists Alter Chicken DNA to Create Embryo With ‘Alligator-Like’ Snout
Russia Loses Contact With Satellite After Rocket Launch
Two Targets, One Bullet: How the Ultimate Sniper Rifle Was Made
Tiny Pocketbots Prepped for Combat

Aug 18
Dow Skids 450; Economic News Disappoints
Gold Hits Record Close At Comex/Venezuela Demands Its Gold Back Stored at the B. of E
Gold & Silver: Full Spectrum Dominance
Rise Of The Fourth Reich, How Germany Is Using The Financial Crisis To Conquer Europe
Gold Soaring, Europe Plunging…Despite Short Selling Ban
FTSE Loses 2% As Sell-Off Resumes; Gold Tops $1,800
As Chavez Pulls Venezuela’s Gold From JP Morgan, Is The Great Scramble For Physical Starting?
The Benz Burners Arrive: Protests Come To Germany As Arsonists Burn Down “Fat Cat” Cars
Wall Street Targeted For Britain-Style Riots
Dozens of Israeli Casualties Including Fatalities in Multiple Terrorist Attacks Near Eilat
AP Sources: US Call For Assad Departure Imminent
Power Cuts Threat As Sun Storm Hits Earth
Before the Lights Go Out: A Survey of EMP Preparedness Reveals Significant Shortfalls
Big Sis’ Latest Terrorists: More White Americans
DHS Now Profiling Your Average All-American Neighbors As Terrorists
Are The Raw Milk Raids To Distract From Something Far More Deadly To Farming?
Weapons Sent ‘Walking’ By Feds Linked To More Violence
Are Mental Health Professionals Working to Normalize Pedophilia?
Heads Up From Listener
Running Robot Breaks Speed Records (Now All It Needs Is a Head)
After Libya Shootdown, U.S. Robo-Copter Will Weaponize
After the Singularity, We’ll All Be Robots
Is CERN Close to the “Page One” Story of the Century? –Discovering the Source of the Universe’s Mass
Black Death Study Lets Rats Off The Hook
Texas Vampire Arrest Sparks Discussion On Pop Culture

Aug 17
First-Ever Animal With Artificial Information In Its Genetic Code Is Created By Scientists
Bulletproof Human Skin” Made From Spider Silk And Goat Milk Developed By Researchers
Animal’s Genetic Code Redesigned
China Threatens to Use ‘Financial Weapon’ Against America
Gold Gains for Third Day in London as Debt Concerns Spur Demand
0% Interest Rates Lock in Inflation
Missing Toolboxes, Lost Men, Signal U.S. Woes: Jeffrey Goldberg
Ron Paul: ‘They Call Me Extreme – They’re The Extremists!’
Experts: Fukushima ‘Off-Scale’ Lethal Radiation Level Infers Millions Dying
Heads up Alert from Romy and Hawk/Listeners Response
Obama Warns Of Norway Style Lone Wolf Shooting In American On Or Near Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 Terror Attacks
Tarek Fatah Names Three Members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House
The Global Plutocracy Is Terrified of Dissent
Too Many Emergency Meetings in Europe
China To US: Any Attack on Pakistan Would be Construed as an Attack on China
Egyptian Troops Enter Sinai In Force
Notice of Claim Filed In Pima County SWAT Shooting
Flash Mob Epidemic
Detailed Renderings of Apple’s Newest Headquarters Revealed – Steve’s Note: Giving the newcomers a new home or headquarters?
Trump: Obama ‘Takes More Vacations Than Any Human Being I’ve Ever Seen’
Air Force Sergeant AWOL Over ‘Forged’ Obama Document
Record-Breaking Snowstorm in New Zealand
Fact Following Fiction? Scientists Plan Mission To Blow Up An Asteroid ‘Hurtling Towards Earth’
Hercules Statue Found in Jezreel Valley

Aug 16
Egon von Greyerz: “Too Late To Jump On The Goldwagon?”
The Other BOB: The Bugout Bank
Krugman Calls For Space Aliens To Fix U.S. Economy?
Three Clear Photographs of Black Triangle over South Carolina – flashback
A Reason For The August Stock Market Crash, Oct Pending
Thinking the Unthinkable: Sell U.S. Treasuries
Institutionalized Robbery Of The American People: The Pentagon Criminal Elite
Mr. Market’s Next Attack
Somalia: Famine For Profit And The East African Food Crisis
Nuclear Expert: Radioactive Rain-Outs Will Continue For a Year – Even In Western U.S. and Canada
Smart Meters: No Federal Mandate
Pacific Missile Range Facility
Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) / NS Barking Sands
Tea Partier Heckles Obama: Why Are You Talking About Civility When Biden’s Calling Us Terrorists?
The Revolution Is Underway
Martial Law in America Will Peel Away The Veil of Freedom, Democracy And Civility
London Is Coming to U.S.
16 Statistics Which Prove That The American People Are Absolutely Seething With Anger
Reports: CIA Working with Mexican Drug Cartels
Analysis: Al-Qaida’s ‘Doomsday’ Revenge?
Zombies Hate Preppers
The Days Of Noah and the “Sons of God”
Stone Age Toe Could Redraw Human Family Tree
New Study Proves That Much-Sought Exotic Quantum State Of Matter Can Exist
Scripture of the Day

Aug 15
Twisted Web Of Lies In Godboldo Case: Big Pharma, Multiple Agencies, Judge, DHS All Profit From Child Abduction
Project Bluebeam Imminent? Michio Kaku Hyping Alien Invasion As Corporate Media Says Alien Threat Would Help Global Governance
Bernanke Pledges To Screw Your Grandmother For At Least Two More Years
Now That U.S. Government Debt Has Been Downgraded, The Rest Of The World Is Calling Even Louder For A New Global Currency more
Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America: Over 1 Million Deaths Annually, 62 Million People With Zero Net Worth, As the Economic Elite Make Off With $46 Trillion
Why Illinois Can’t Afford its Poor Dead
10 Signs That Economic Riots And Civil Unrest Inside The United States Are Now More Likely Than Ever
Poll: 79 Percent Of Americans Dissatisfied With U.S. Political System
Max Keiser: WW3 Is On As Wall St. Banks Plunder Economy
The Beginning of the Endgame
Representation, Secession and Taxation
Why The Gun Is Civilization
Grounded Stealth Fighter Jocks Could Lose Clearance to Fly
Alert From Cold War Warrior
Obama’s Radical Pal: U.K. Riots Coming to America
The Sun Chairman, What’s Future Is Prologue, And Why The Second French Revolution Is Coming To America
Establishment Media ADMITS Ron Paul Conspiracy
Jared Hagemann Took His Life After 8 Deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan
Watch Out For DRACO – MIT Scientist Develops Vaccine To “Cure All Viral Diseases”
Confessions of a Cancer Industry Insider
Gog and Magog
An Answer To Prayer From Listener
Fallen Angels Get Bold: Elenin, Immortals, 9/11 In Movies? Antichrist Foretold?
Scripture of the Day 1
Scripture of the Day 2

Aug 12
The Story I’ve Never Told
The US Military’s Secret Military
Privacy Groups Protest Massive DHS Database of Secret Watchlists
DHS Says Terror Watchlist Is Exempt From Privacy Act
There’s a Muslim in the White House
The Power Elite and the Muslim Brotherhood, Part 4
The CIA Should Be A Bit More ‘CAIR’less
We Don’t Need Another George W. Bush
First They Came For The Raw Milk, And I Didn’t Speak Out Because I Drank No Raw Milk
Russia Offers Agricultural Land for Southeast Asian Farmers to Grow Crops
Seal Team Six/Letter from Pilot Listener
Roman ‘Gladiators’ Arrested After Clash Of Swords Outside Colosseum
Beijing Downgrades US-Treasury to A+ – Is Anybody Listening?
Gold Bugs Moving Into The Mainstream
When Will Silver Catch Up With Gold’s Stunning $100 Advance?
US Default Scare Leads To Biggest Weekly Surge In Non-Seasonally Adjusted M2 In History
Some $4 Trillion Wiped Off World Stocks In 2 Weeks
Liquidity Options Running Out For European Banks – “Liquidity Crisis Scene Set”
The Public Be Damned
6.0 Quake Shakes Japan’s Fukushima, No Tsunami Alert
Roman ‘Gladiators’ Arrested After Clash Of Swords Outside Colosseum
Breivik Called Police at Least 10 Times to Surrender
When is a Riot a Revolt?
The Trouble with Transhumanism
Beyond Space-Time: Welcome To Phase Space
Escape Tribulation? Wrong!
Scripture of the Day

Aug 11
The Next Massive Debt Bubble To Crush The Economy – Student Loans
Inflation & Deflation in a Storm
Jim Rogers: Bernanke, Geithner Leading Us Into Fiscal Armageddon
The Creature From Jekyll Island
Marc Faber: “The Best Thing The Fed Could Do For Markets Wold Be To Collectively Resign”
Hong Kong Exchange Trading Disrupted As Hackers Target Website
Day of Reckoning
Marc Faber: Long-term U.S. Treasury Bond Market is a Bubble, Buy Gold
Liberal Dogma Has Spawned A Generation Of Brutalised Youths
RIC Airport Protester, Federal Officials Present Arguments In Lawsuit
“Fast and Furious” Goes All the Way to the White House
Oath Keepers: FBI Wants Surplus Stores To Spy on Customers
Martial Law: Corporate Media Hints At Military Plans To Take On The American People During Domestic Civil Unrest
London Riots: Police Were Soft On Looters Because They Were ‘ordered To Stand And Observe
The Mob Tears at the Foundations of Civilization in London
Syria Goads Turkey By Attacking Towns Along Their Border
What Produce Drought Isn’t Killing, People Are Stealing
Volcano Off Oregon Coast Erupts
Surprise Underwater Volcanic Eruption Discovered
Aftermath of Japan Shows Oz At Greater Risk Of Tsunamis
Doomsday Shelter Owners Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst
White House Photo Of Dead Troops Ceremony Sparks Protest
NASA Martian Cities Photos
Hong Kong Exchange Trading Disrupted As Hackers Target Website
Pentagon’s Mach 20 Missile Ready for Ultimate Test

Aug 10
Will There Be War?
As Violence In Syria Mounts, U.S. Could Call For Al-Assad To Step Down
These Riots Were About Race. Why Ignore The Fact?
Guardian: The Ignored London Riots Context – 333 Deaths In Police Custody, 0 Convictions
UN Wants New Global Currency to Replace Dollar
The Collapse: Celente Predicted It Would Happen. It’s Happening!
The Best Looking Horse In The Glue Factory
U.S. Mint Stops Sales Of Coins On Gold Price Spike (Hold For Higher Price)
Don’t Bet Against Gold or Silver
Shocker: JPM Sees Gold At $2,500 By Year End
Gold Price Soars Amid Mounting Fears Over Double Dip Recession
When Buying Gold Becomes a Life-or-Death Question
Must Read: UBS’ Andy Lees On Why The US Economy Is, All Else Equal, Doomed
Entire U.S. Stealth Fighter Fleet Grounded
Tea Party Blame and Fairy Tales
I’m 63, and I’m Tired
The South Burns! Dallas Sizzles In More Than 100 Degree Heat For 38Th Day In A Row – And Looks Set To Break 1980 Record Of 42 Days
Japan Tsunami Battered Ice Shelf in Antarctic
Solar Flare May Affect Power, Communication
Water Purification – Purifying Water for Long Term Storage
Scientists Discover Rare Flowing Water on Mars, Supports Alien Life
Manipulative Extraterrestrial Mind Control Linked To Wars Says Robert Stanley
Texas, Antarctica Were Once Joined in a Supercontinent: Scientists
Light Speed Hurdle To Invisibility Cloak Overcome By Undergraduate
Self-Assembling Micro-Robots Created, Judgement Day Looms

Aug 9
Freemasons, the Third Temple, and the Antichrist
Chinese Army Chief Due In Israel Next Week
Pollster: Americans Are “Pre-Revolutionary”
Navy Seals Involved In Military Drills Over Bostons General Populace – Possible Holographic Technology
U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Activist Arrested as Spy for Pakistan
Quartzsite Police Chief Calls Oath Keepers and Tea Party “Terrorists” and Reports them to the FBI
A 634 Point Stock Market Crash And 8 More Reasons Why You Should Be Deeply Concerned That The U.S. Government Has Lost Its AAA Credit Rating
10 Reasons Why Gold Is The Gut Reaction And Why Silver Is The Smart Decision
Investors Clamour For Gold
Platinum Sales at Shanghai’s Gold Exchange Surge 703% From Wednesday to Friday, As Prices Dip
Note From Steve Concerning, Silver, Palladium And Platinum Price Manipulation
S&P Cuts AAA Rating On Thousands Of Municipal Bonds
Did George Soros Win 10/1 Return on S&P’s US Credit Rating Downgrade?
Anticipating the Coming Convulsions as the Welfare State Dies
PM Recalls Parliament As The Police Lose Control Of Britain’s Streets
S. Korea, US to Practise Destroying N. Korea Weapons
A National Response to Two FDA Armed Raids on Rawesome
Super Congress A Gift to K Street
Why Liberals Really Hate The Ten Commandments
Iran’s Deadly Hand
Iran Says U.S. ‘Will Be Taught The Mother Of All Lessons
Fuel Tankers Bombed, US Vows to ‘Stay The Course’ in Afghanistan
Did a New Taliban Weapon Kill a Chopper Full of Navy SEALs?
Scripture of the Day

Aug 8
Federal Reserve Openly Targets Dollar Demise
America “Makes The Cut” – So What Happens Next?
Jim Sinclair Interviewed by James Turk
Economic Collapse: Brace for Impact!
Japan Rice Futures Surge 40%, Trigger Circuit Breaker On Concerns Fukushima Radiation Will Destroy Crops
China Becomes World’s Sixth-Largest Gold Holder
Highlights From G-7 Statement Which Basically Says That The Plunge Protection Team Just Went Global
A National Debt Of $14 Trillion? Try $211 Trillion
U.S. News Agencies ‘Looking To Disarm American People’
New Obamacare Violations of Personal Liberty
London Rocked By Second Night Of Riots: 100 Arrested As It Emerges Top Officer Flew On Holiday Just Hours Before Carnage And Looting
2nd Crash Kills 33 US Afghan Force
Prepare Now Before It Is Too Late
Japan’s March 11 Earthquake Almost Shook Space
Pu’u’O’o Volcano Collapse
Mystery of the Orange Substance Invading From Skies In One Of The World’s Most Remote Spots
Massive European Network Of Stone Age Tunnels That Weaves From Scotland to Turkey
Removing Your All-Too-Visible Internet Search History
‘Operation Shady Rat’: Investigators Uncover Massive Cyber Attack on U.S. and UN ‘By China’
Did Giant Reptiles Share the Earth with Giant Humans?
China’s New Lucrative Business: Dead Babies Turn into Stamina Booster Pills
Jason Silva Muses on Humans Turning Into Gods
Space Travel: Looking To Build Spaceship Within 100 Years
Antimatter Belt Around Earth Discovered By Pamela Craft
Scripture of the Day

Aug 5
Panicked Savers Now Paying for Bank Deposits
Global Stocks Tumble After Wall Street Slide
Gold Advances as ‘There’s Fear Spreading Across All Markets
Gold is the True Reserve Currency
The Third Phase In This Gold Bull Market
Sell-Off Wipes $2.5 Trillion Off World Stocks This Week
The Debt Ceiling Deal From Hell
Turkish Central Bank Sells Dollars After Interest Rate Cut Weakens Lira
Collapse: “It Will Be Sudden and Very Painful”
Marc Faber: “Next Week We Will See If Bernanke Is A True Money Printer Or Just An Amateur”
Heat Waves Pushes Texas Power Grid Into Red Zone
Former CIA Official Predicts Cyber 9/11
Plants Worldwide At Risk Of Cyber Attacks: Researcher
Scare at State Fair: Witnesses Describe Mobs, Including Some Claiming Racially-Charged Attacks
Footage of Mass Troop Movements Across U.S. – Are They Getting Ready?
Missing Credentials Hamper Jobless Veterans
US Shale Gas Weakening Russian, Iranian Petro-Power
Vietnam to Get Sub Fleet In Six Years: State Media
China Attacks Japan Over Defence Paper
Shoot the Moon: Missile Defense Costs as Much as Apollo Program
Nissan Leaf Batteries To Power Homes
Charging Electric Cars Wirelessly
NASA Finds New Evidence Of Liquid Water on Mars
Mariemont Serpent Mound Could Be World’s Largest
UFOs and Disney: Behind the Magic Kingdom

Aug 4
China Downgrades America
Gold to Hit $2,000 Before Year End
US Borrowing Tops 100% of GDP: Treasury
It’s Baaaaaack: Interactive Brokers Just Hiked Silver Margins
License To Debase U.S. Dollar Further
Gold Accelerates as US Equities Enter Cyclical Bear Market
‘Gold Cartel’ Losing, Price to Top $3,000: Association
Wall Street Warns Tim Geithner That The Dollar Is Starting To Lose Its Reserve Status
Economy Close to Stall Speed May Signal Renewed U.S. Recession
U.S. Weapons Now in Somali Terrorists’ Hands
MSNBC Host, Guest Consider Whether Tea Partiers Are Addicts, ‘Delusional’
36M Lbs. of Turkey Recalled In Salmonella Outbreak
Raw Food Raid: Armed Agents Bust Raw Milk & Cheese Sellers
Iran Revolutionary Guards Commander Becomes New President of Opec
Israeli Government Panel Decides To Keep God Out of IDF Memorial Prayer
Panetta Warns Against Sweeping Defense Budget Cuts
Justice Dept. Accused of Giving Immunity to Mexican Drug Cartel Leaders
The Orontes River Runs Red As Syrian Anti-Aircraft Guns Pound Hama
Libya Allying With Islamists, Qaddafi Son Says
How the Navy’s Warship of the Future Ran Aground
Every Bug, Every Gas, Right Now: Air Force Wants Instant WMD Detector
Mobile Biometrics To Hit US Streets
Pentagon’s Lightning Gun Sold for Scraps on eBay
Does an Unknown Level of Technology Beyond Matter Exist?
6 Creepy New Weapons the Police and Military Use To Subdue Unarmed People

Aug 3
The Debt Crisis Is A Trojan Horse To Cause The Fall of America
Europe on Brink of ‘Major Financial Collapse’: Guggenheim CIO
Opponents Of Debt Hike to be Barred From “Super Congress”
Market Reaction? 30 Year Just Hit 3.99% As Stock Selloff Accelerates, Gold At All Time Record, Swiss Franc Flash Smashes
Rep. Paul Introduces Bill To Cancel $1.6T In Debt Held By Federal Reserve
Thailand, Russia Gold Holdings Rose in June-IMF Data
Gold Hits Fresh All Time High of $1,674
Gold Sets New Peaks As Global Growth Concerns Grip Markets
Italy Under Fire In Widening Euro Debt Crisis
Food Stamp Use Surges By Most In Years As Alabama Foodstamp Recipients Double In May
Celente Solution: The 21st Century ‘Global Game Changer’
Gerald Celente: “Economic Martial Law Will Be Declared”
Obama Launches Gun Grab
Greece in Panic As It Faces Change Of Homeric Proportions
White House Insider: “Everyone Stunned At How Little Barack Obama Understands”
A ‘Civil War Atmosphere’ in Washington
End Times? Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red
Satellite Image Shows Ash Plume Drifting From Krakatoa
Death in Seconds: Radiation Pockets Found At Fukushima Plant
Biggest-Ever Series Of Cyber Attacks Uncovered, U.N. Hit
Senate Panel Keeps ‘Secret Patriot Act’ Under Wraps
Mubarak Leads Defendants In Pleading Not Guilty To All Charges
Egypt Puts Mubarak On Trial, Transfixing Arab World
Uganda Could Be Next Hit By Malnutrition, U.N. Warns
Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn – flashback

Aug 2
Hoarding Of Physical Gold, Voracious Global Demand To Produce Undeliverable Gold Futures, Parabolic Move to $2700-3000/oz
Debt Deal is a Blank Check
Global Manufacturing Collapses To Worst Levels Since Mid-2009, Markets Shrug It Off
Bachmann: Debt Limit Deal Means ‘We Embrace Being Greece’
Ron Paul Exposes The Deficit “Plan” Lies: “Cuts Are Illusory, Not From Current Amounts Spent But From Projected Spending Increases”
The Next Leg of the Housing Bear Market Has Begun
Putin Says U.S. is “Parasite” On Global Economy
S Korea Gold Buy Shows Strong Official Appetite
$2,000 for an Ounce of Gold Seems Like the Only Bet Worth Making
The Imminent $2.5 Trillion Debt Ceiling Hike Will Unleash A Gold Price Surge To $1,950 And Higher
The USDA’s Incestuous Relationship with the Rural Council & the United Nations
It’s Not Just Bin Laden; U.S. Commandos Raid Pakistan All the Time
Most Israeli Municipalities Declare General Strike In Solidarity With Housing Protests
Moscow Defends Assad, Seeks Nuclear Deal With Iran By Freezing Sanctions
US Planning India-Style Civilian Nuke Pact With Saudi Arabia
Judge Napolitano: An Open Letter To John Boehner — Stand Up for The People!
Sources: Joe Biden Likened Tea Partiers To Terrorists
Council Of 13 To Rule America
What the Hell are UN Bux?
US Representatives Tried to Pay Him to Rig their Elections
China Launches Another Experimental Satellite
Former NSA and CIA Boss Calls for “Digital Blackwater”
Schriever NOPS Ranks as AFSPC Best Space Ops Squadron
The Very Real Plans to Put Marines in Space
Shhh! Spooks Want Drones As Silent As Owls

Aug 1
Even the Tooth Fairy Knows It’s a Depression
Lawmakers to Vote On Last-Minute Debt Deal
Critical Alert From Banking Operations I/T Mgr.
Gold Coins Selling Out in Lisbon as Biggest Wager Sees 10% Gain
Gold & Silver Beyond The Limit
First Prints Are In: Risk On, Gold Off… At Least For A Few Minutes
Sydney Airport Works To Clear Flight Backlog
Power Surge Sets Off Alarms In Hastings
Obama’s Final Loophole: The “Catastrophic Emergency” Clause?
Caught on Tape: Vegas Cop Beats Videographer
U.S. In Denial Over China’s Pacific Strategy
Busting Posse Comitatus: Military Cops Arrest Civilians in Florida City
IMF and CFR Insider Recruited by Obama White House
USGS Issues Second Statement Re California And Nevada Volcanic Plumes
Assad’s Tanks Blast All Of Northern Syria After 150 Dead In Two Cities
Syrians Mark Bleak Ramadan After 84 Killed in Hama
Super Bacteria? Fighting Resistance Could Be Trickier Than Thought
Here’s How U.S. Spies Will Find You Through Your Pics
Anonymous Says Hacked U.S. Government Cyber Supplier
Ethical Frontiers Of Humanizing Animals In The Lab
Comet Races Toward Earth At Peak Of God’s Holy Days
UFO Shoots Across Texas Sky Live On Breakfast TV
UFO Over Brazil: True or False?
Test Confirms Roswell Debris Is Not From Earth
Indiana Jones Meets The Da Vinci Code In Tiny French Village

July 29
The Goldsmiths, Part CCIV
Is Social Security Obama’s Secret Piggy Bank?
Top Fund Sees Gold At $3,000; Stock Crash
Neighbors Make Trash Deposit At SJ Bank In Protest Of Blighted Foreclosure
Giant Banks Lobby to Raise the Debt Ceiling and Slash Public Benefits … So They Can Keep Sucking at the Public Teat
Gold Choppy, US Reaching “End of Empire”, Investors Have “No Safe Havens Left”
Pension Fund Ultimatum: A Haircut Looks Better Than a Beheading
Default a ‘Black Turkey’ as Advisers Tell Investors Not To Sell
Texas DPS “Aggressively” Recruits Former Military
Escalation in Arizona: Firearms Confiscated
TSA Readying New Behavior Detection Plan For Airport Checkpoints
US Senate Confirms Locke As China Ambassador
Obama Following In Hitler’s Footsteps
Moscow Slows Cooperation With Washington in Mid East and Afghanistan
Former Intel Chief: Call Off The Drone War (And Maybe the Whole War on Terror)
Who Are The Extremists?
Grandmother Strip-Searched And Jailed For 12 Days In Canada After A Jar Of Motor Oil In Her Car Was Mistaken For Heroin
Ghost Towns On The Increase As Rural America Accounts For Just 16% Of Population
Bill Would Force Intel Chief to Renounce ‘Secret Patriot Act’
Powerful 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near The Fiji Islands
Unseen Comet’s Orbit Indicates Possible Crash
Chance Of Flares
Libyan Rebels Say Military Chief Killed
Riot Breaks Out On Hollywood Boulevard
Part Human/Part Animal Hybrid Monsters Are Being Created By Scientists All Over The Planet

July 28
Debt Limit Debate Sign of Deeper Dysfunction
Gold Breaches $1625, US Ratings Downgrade Now “Almost Certain”
Should I Buy Gold At Its All-Time High?
BofA Donates Then Demolishes Houses to Cut Glut of Foreclosures
A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word
3 Reasons Silver Should Head Higher Than $50 Now
Trojan Asteroid Tags Along On Earth’s Orbit
Tropical Storm Don Forms Off Mexico’s Yucatan on Track for Texas Coast
Beige Book: “Economy Slowed Down In 8 Of 12 Regions”, Droughts, Flooding, Japan Blamed
Smoking Gun: Preparation For War On The People
Young Israeli “Tent City” Protesters Ape Arab Revolt, Go Political
Obama: “Very tempting” To Become A Dictator (Video) Where Is The Media?!
U.S. Wasn’t Fully Prepared For Radiation Risks Following Japan Earthquake, Top General Says
Cover Up Caught On Camera: 6 Police Officers Taser And Beat Mentally-ill Homeless Man To Death
Mexican Troops Involuntarily Cross into US
Feigning Powerlessness to Retain Power
The Lord Is Shaking The Nations Physically, Spiritually, Financially: Why, And How Should We Respond?
In Secret, Senate Panel May Re-Up Vast Surveillance Dragnet
Iran Revolutionary Guards’ Commander Set To Become President of Opec
China Launches Largest Dock Landing Ship
China Boosts Naval Power With Carrier Program: Sources
China Defends Carrier Plans, Neighbors Worry About Buildup
China’s Plan to Beat U.S.: Missiles, Missiles and More Missiles
Russia Plans to Sink the International Space Station in 2020
Explorers Find Bizarre, Spaceship-Like Object At The Bottom of the Baltic Sea
Dolphins Offer Insight Into Fast Wound Healing

July 27
The World According to Gold – Literally
Investors: The $1 Billion Armageddon Trade Placed Against The United States
Debt Downgrade, Not Default, is the Problem
How To Spend $9 Trillion In 10 Years. How In The Financial World Did We End Up With Over $14 Trillion In Federal Government Debt?
Gold Futures Rise to Record as ‘Go-to Asset’ Amid U.S. Debt-Limit Standoff
Remember the US Postal Service? They’re Closing Nearly 4000 Rural Offices
Fed Gives Away $16 Trillion: Gold May Be More Undervalued Than We Think
Economic Recovery?
Signs Of Cleveland Volcano Eruption In Alaska
Earthquake Swarm Continues On The Canary Islands
Volcanoes On The Moon? Rare Silicate Volcanoes Found
Consolidation Of Seed Companies Leading To Corporate Domination Of World Food Supply
Letter from Listener-Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance and Disavowal
Warning From Well Connected Listener
Guns From U.S. Sting Found At Mexican Crime Scenes
Super Congress? Congress May Attempt To Create New Legislative Body, As Rumors Of “Super Congress” Begin
How Will You Protect Yourself From Heavily Armed Organized Gangs?
Pergamum: The Seat of Satan
Prophetic Warning for the Last Days-Part 2
Terrorist Proclaimed Himself Darwinian, Not Christian
Minnesota Now Paying Scientists to Engage in Human Cloning
Young Scientist Dies in Boating Accident
The Scientific Dictatorship Explained
New Method for Making Human-Based Gelatin

July 26
25 Reasons To Absolutely Despise Bankers And Their Minions
A Nervous New World
Fed’s $16 Trillion Dollar Secret Slush Fund Props Up Our Way Of Life
More Americans Unhappy With Obama On Economy, Jobs
Dr. Mark Sircus: Financial Suicide
Iran Grows Bold While America’s Fortunes Wane
U.S. Moves Toward Home ‘Rentership Society,’ Morgan Stanley Says
Default? Don’t Put it Past Them!
A Visualization of US Debt (Credit Card Bill) Stacked In 100 Dollar Bills
620 Low Magnitude Earthquakes Recorded On El Hierro In The Canary Islands
Elenin & Prophecy: ‘Fulfills’ Revelation Ch.12 on 9-29-11?
Breivik Wanted To Reform “Knights Templar Europe”
Norway Mass Killer Wants Time In Court To Tell Why
Coverage Of The Norwegian Tragedy: Jumping To Conclusions, Absurdist Claims And Unanswered Questions
Norway Shooting: Anders Behring Breivik Took Drugs Before Bloody Massacre
Importing Islam
Is Islam Misrepresented?
Police: 6 Killed In Grand Prairie Roller Rink Shooting
Head of U.S. Cyber Agency Resigns Suddenly
2011: The Year We Took On The Unaccountable Elites
Chinese Fighter Jets ‘Repel’ US Aircraft
The Long Road Ahead: A Fukushima Policeman Talks About Life After the Disaster in Japan
USDA Closing Roads to Public Lands While Opening Doors for the UN
Boeing’s Millennium Falcon Floats Using Nazi Technology
A Surprise in Psalm 83? The Magog Invasion: An Alternative View
Quote of the Day

July 25
Fiat Currency Is The Bubble, Not Gold
Is Your IRA Going To Be Raided?
City To Firefighter and Police Retirees: Give Up 50% Of Your Pension Or Risk Losing It All
Who Owns America? Hint: It’s Not China
The Worse May Still Be Ahead For Housing
Gold And Silver: We Were Right – They Were Wrong
California Volcano?
Canary Islands Government Monitors El Hierro Earthquake Swarm
Guatemala Sinkhole Found Under Elderly Woman’s Bed
Natural Disasters: The Politics Of Earthquakes
Aleutian Volcano Showing Signs Of Impending Eruption
Curl: Is Obama a Pathological Liar?
Pentagon To Deploy 20,000 Troops In CONUS For Civil Unrest – Possible Threats To Populace
Former Governor Jesse Ventura: ‘We’re A Fascist Nation Now
ATF Position On Pistol Grip Shotguns Creates New Danger For Gun Owners Nationwide
Exclusive: U.S. Blocks Oversight of Its Mercenary Army in Iraq
Peacock Syndrome – America’s Fatal Disease
Zachary Greene Warfield – Dead Scientist
Pictured: The Blond Norwegian, 32, Arrested Over ‘holiday Island Massacre’ And Linked To Oslo Car Bomb Blasts
You Can Change Your DNA
Beware ‘Planet of the Apes’ Experiments That Could Create Sci-Fi Nightmare
Embryos Involving The Genes Of Animals Mixed With Humans Have Been Produced Secretively For The Past Three Years
Scientists Find Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA
CERN Spots God Particle?
Experts Baffled by Mysterious Underground Chambers

July 22
A Sick Nation – A Sick People
Obama Administration Disenfranchising the Military
Debt Crisis Being Used as Shock Doctrine to Steal More Money from the American People to Give to the Richest .1%
A Candid Interview With Beelzebub T. McGlobalist
Gold “Fever” In Asia And Central Bank Demand Could Cause An “Earthquake” In The Gold Market
The Fed Audit
Police Kill Teenage Man After Shooting Him 5 Times In Back And While Laying Down
UN’s Arms Trade Treaty Endangers Your Right to Bear Arms
DHS Denies “Racial Overtones” In ‘White Middle Class Terrorists’ Video
Multiple Nuclear Whistleblowers Claim TVA Nuke Plant Officials Harassed And Threatened Them
James Corbett & Tony Gosling: The Suspicious Murder of Whistleblower in Murdoch Hacking Case
Campus Ministry Drops ‘Christ’ From Name
Star-Starved Christianity
Western Recruits to Al-Qaeda-linked Terror Group
Gigantic Crack Opens Up In Mexico
Atlantis Carries Adult Stem Cells Into Space (fallen angel tech?)
NU Biochemist Dies At Age 55
Bejing Develops Pulse Weapons To Use Vs. U.S. Aircraft Carriers
Hackers to FBI: ‘We Are Not Scared Anymore’
Hackers Target Intelligence Agency Contractors
The Case for Parallel Universes
Bob’s Corner: Time Travelers of the Bible
Dream From Viewer – Veil Being Lifted
The Internet is Making us “Superhuman” (this story loads very slowly)
Scripture of the Day

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