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Pharma-backed legislation to allow secret vaccinations of children without parental consent about to become law in California


By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
September 20 – Growing and widespread public awareness about the dangers associated with vaccines has naturally resulted in the steady decline of this once-lucrative sector of conventional “medicine.” And in a desperate effort to preserve the financial viability of vaccines, Big Pharma…

Secret recordings emerge over Operation Fast and Furious and the ATF’s conspiracy to put more guns into the hands of Mexican drug gangs


By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
September 20 – You just gotta love the audacity of the U.S. federal government and its active staging of crimes in order to achieve political goals. Operation Fast and Furious is the most recent example of a U.S.-run criminal conspiracy pursued for the ultimate purpose of dismantling…

Drug company CEOs targeted in government crackdown of illegal marketing


By PF Louis
September 20 – Pharmaceutical companies are often prosecuted for off label marketing. Off label marketing is a form of fraud where the company pushes a drug with higher doses than the FDA permits, for a purpose not approved, or to a group for whom it is not allowed. If the government…

Five foods for healthy skin


By Tara Green
September 20 – Although the cosmetic industry would have us believe otherwise, beautiful skin doesn’t come from a jar full of perfumed chemicals. Beyond being born with great genes, the best thing you can do for your skin is to eat a healthy diet. Learn how to enhance your skin from…

Increased vitamin D in blood adds years to life and helps prevent colon cancer


By John Phillip
September 20 – Just in case you needed more proof that low blood levels of vitamin D represent a significant health concern, researchers publishing in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrate that small increases in the sunshine vitamin can add precious years to your…

More evidence Alzheimer’s and other dementia can be prevented: save your brain by preventing diabetes


By S. L. Baker, features writer
September 20 – Currently, an estimated 24 million people world-wide are living with Alzheimer’s disease or some other type of the mind and personality-robbing affliction known as dementia. And the numbers keep climbing. But why? Mainstream medicine puts the blame on the fact people…

Nobel prize-winning physicist quits society over global warming scam


By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
September 20 – Challenging the groupthink tendencies of mainstream society on any number of popular issues is sure to bring about plenty of mockery and ridicule, especially if you challenge the mainstream dogma of man-made global warming. But none of this phased Dr. Ivar Giaever, a…

Horrors of Chantix and Zyban


By S. D. Wells
September 20 – Understanding why suicide is a side effect of smoking cessation pills is of ultimate importance to smokers considering taking the drug. Several lawsuits have been filed because the manufacturers of these pills do not provide ample warning. Smoking cessation pills…

Frankincense – Ancient herbal remedy proven to be effective against arthritis


By Michelle Bosmier
September 20 – Cardiff University scientists have discovered that an age old, traditional cure may actually be efficient against painful arthritis. The edible, aromatic resin known as frankincense has been used in the traditional medicines of Asia for centuries, mainly to aid digestion…

New product reviews: Five nutritional products that stand out


By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
September 19 – What are some of the best nutritional products that have been recently introduced? Here are some of the best that I’ve become aware of recently, along with a new colloidal silver device that can help protect you from respiratory infections. None of these are paid…

Researchers find side effect-free natural way to slash stroke risk by half


By S. L. Baker, features writer
September 19 – It is common sense that eating a healthy diet should help prevent disease. But Big Pharma must surely have superior elixirs, pills, potions and shots when it comes to serious prevention of the big killer diseases like stroke, right? If the drug companies have a prescription…

Pesticide exposure in expectant mothers causes lower IQ in newborns


By PF Louis
September 19 – (NaturalNews)Three separate studies recently published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives indicate prenatal pesticide exposure to fetuses negatively impact a child’s learning ability. Their IQs tend to be lower. The greater the umbilical cord pesticide blood levels,…

Resveratrol and vitamin D synergistically team to boost metabolism and prevent obesity


By John Phillip
September 19 – Resveratrol has been on the nutritional radar of researchers because of its proven ability to mimic some of the life-extending characteristics provided by calorie restriction as seen in animals and humans alike. Scientists publishing in the journal Molecular Nutrition…

Study shows increased mammograms result in more mastectomies


By Tara Green
September 19 – Mammograms, long touted as essential to early detection of breast cancer in order to help women avoid surgery, may actually result in unnecessary mastectomies, according to a recent Norwegian study. The study suggests that mastectomy rates rise as the numbers of women…

Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne announces support for Rep. Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential candidacy


By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
September 19 – In a recent interview on FOX Business, Overstock.com (which was recently rebranded as O.co) founder and CEO Patrick Byrne had a lot to say about the flailing economy, and the fake “recovery” that so many in the business community and in the public naively bought into…

Technology can seriously damage your health


By Matthew Silverstone
September 19 – Did you know that technology can seriously damage your health? Tragically most people still don’t get it. The World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) states very clearly that there are serious health risks from current exposure levels to electronic fields coming from wi-fi…

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