[video] Intellistreets Big Brother Street Light Solutions — I thought “what’s the problem?” until I watched the second half…

The background music reminds me of the music Big Pharma plays in their drugs-are-wonderful ads.

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“Intellistreets also enables a myriad of Homeland Security features.”

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw10eKxaSDY]Fascism 2 Intellistreets.flv

Uploaded by on Oct 26, 2011

I downloaded this video due to an article at Infowars.com link by Drudge Report. I posted it hear because I felt the tags were dishonest and I noticed comments were disabled. I expect that YT will eventually take this video down. And to help facilitate that: http://intellistreets.com/.
Information warfare!

Tools of Big Brother
Illuminating Concepts
smart street pole
intelligent light poles
urban planning

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