[video] Alex discusses honey with a bee expert: Why is raw honey so much healthier and why are huge numbers of bees dying?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPg7dhuqVsM]Why All The Bees Dying? with Owner Konrad Bouffard 1/2

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From field to hive to table, Round Rock Honey is never anything more or less than nature intended it to be. That which the bees give us, we give you. When we say 100% honey, we mean it!!

Round Rock honey is not a varietal honey, but instead a true wildflower honey. Producing wildflower honey is difficult, and yields unpredictable, but in the opinion of Round Rock Honey owners Konrad and Elizabeth Bouffard, it is more important to focus on quality than on quantity!

The emphasis on quality at Round Rock Honey extends to the harvest and packaging as well. Honey is “robbed” on a regular basis (season & weather permitting), and promptly bottled. Although all our honey is poured through a stainless steel sieve to remove bee legs and wings as well as wax caps, it is never heated or filtered. We remove honey from the hives by centrifuge, at room temperature. This is done so that the pollens, trace minerals, and complex sugars that occur naturally in our honey are never compromised.

Unlike the big honey conglomerates, we don’t use diatomaceous earth to make the honey clear, or add heat to extend shelf life.


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