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[4-minute video] Ben Swann's Reality Check: Is Obama Putting An End To "Personal" Property?

[youtube=]Reality Check: Is SCOTUS Putting An End To “Personal” Property?

          Published on Oct 10, 2012 by

Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at a case before the Supreme Court that would mean the end “first rule principle” for selling personal property that origniates overseas


[4-minute video] Ben Swann's Reality Check: What Is The Petro-dollar and Why Is China Trying To Destroy It?


[5-minute video] Abby Martin: CFR, Trilateral Commission & Atlantic Council Draft War | Brainwash Update


  1. Total control, NWO without a doubt, if people put up with this, then so be it…..they need to be controlled, no longer think for them selves.

    • Some are saying we deserve what we’re getting, because the people are just letting it happen. Many don’t even want to know the truth, let alone do something about it.
      The globlists have to be careful, though, because the more they reveal that they’re obviously taking away our freedoms, the more they risk waking people up to their real agenda. They don’t want the frogs to realize the water is approaching boiling, so they then jump out.
      Many seem to be losing their strength to even want to resist, though — just going along to get along. And many are willfully ignorant, actively resisting the truth.
      We need to have a backbone.

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