[video] Ben Swann: Do States Actually Have The Right To Secede?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fegDJuLqo0]Do States Actually Have The Right To Secede?

Published on Nov 13, 2012 by 

Ben Swann takes a look at the more than 30 petitions on the White House blog We The People asking that their state be allowed to peacefully secede from the United States.


Can Alaska Secede If America Ceases to Be the ‘Land of the Free’?

One thought on “[video] Ben Swann: Do States Actually Have The Right To Secede?

  1. Before and during the first part of the American Civil war, there was a procedure to secede from the Union. The Confederate States followed that procedure, making the Civil War an act of one country attacking another. Those secession laws have been changed, and it is no longer legal to secede. Both the “North” and the “South” are much better places for being together, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Confederate States did follow the proscribed protocol in their secession.
    The individuals who are wanting to say their state wants to secede can’t do so because of that change of law. They are also not speaking for the entire population of their states.

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