I heard Beck say: “I want to sell my pee pee [on eBay]”
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From: Hollywood Reporter

Glenn Beck Dips Obama Statue in ‘Urine,’ Offers the ‘Artwork’ For $25,000 (Video)

The conservative TV and radio host made a splash by dipping the president’s likeness into a mason jar of fake pee in a statement about First Amendment rights.

Not content to simply expand his empire into the world of designer jeans, Glenn Beck is now entering the art world.

The conservative media mogul took toilet humor to a new level on his web TV show Tuesday, as he responded to a painting that depicts President Obama as a Christ figure with his own work of art. Hearkening back to the infamous “Piss Christ” photograph of 1987, which featured a small crucifix placed in photographer Andres Sorrano’s urine, Beck dipped a bobblehead doll of Obama into a jar of what he said was his own urine (though he later admitted it was a non-urinary liquid). …

The jar, which he gave the name “Obama in Pee Pee,” is on sale for $25,000.

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