Joel Skousen: BIG PICTURE REVIEW OF 2012 — War with Russia and China is still 8-10 years away. China continues to build intercontinental missiles, which are hidden in ~3000 miles of underground tunnels

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At the end of each year I do a general review of how much liberty we have lost during the past 12 months and examine the prospects for the future. It’s an ideal time to do so since there is usually a lull in the news between Christmas and New Years. Even the evil “movers and shakers” are taking time off from their work. But they’ll be back with a full plate of liberty-strangling laws come January.
As I review each one of our liberties-at-risk, I’ll try to review the major events surrounding each issue and how they support the globalist agenda that threatens our liberty. The long term goal of the globalists is to force all nations into a global government that vests itself with powers to regulate every facet of people’s lives—under the pretext of “protecting us” in areas of food and child safety, protection of the environment, economic sustainability, universal access to health care and prevention of crime and war.
Tragically, each of these areas of “protection” from supposed threats are provoked by the very globalists that brought them to our attention. Naturally, this is done to spur us to allow changes to our laws and lives that move us in the direction of more international control. All these are examples of the conflict creation tactics used by globalists to justify intervention and change. In addition, these man-made threats are hyped by the media like a drum beat for maximum effect.
Foreign Affairs:
Russia and China continue to increase military spending and are funding major weapons systems across the entire military spectrum: weapons in space, blue water naval vessels (carriers, submarines, destroyers, heavy cruisers, frigates, minesweepers, and resupply ships). Both nations are building state-of-the-art ballistic missile systems, while the US continues to disarm. The US has a regular “testing” program designed to shoot off and use up our replacement supply of minuteman missiles.
Russia, in particular, is embarking on a concerted effort to alienate its post-Soviet alliance with the US. The most important strategic change was Putin’s decision to refuse further Nunn Lugar aid money, used for dismantling older nuclear missiles and refurbishing nuclear warheads. Giving up this lucrative aid shows that Putin values rearmament secrecy more than the money. By rejecting the aid treaty, Putin has an excuse to dismiss US weapons inspectors from further inspections. Ironically, our weapons inspectors were never allowed full or complete access to Russia’s most secure arms plants anyway, nor the huge bunker factories in the Ural mountains like Yamantau Mountain. Putin’s signing of a ban on US adoption of Russian children was meant to help reestablish a sense of Russian nationalism and build a wall of pride against all things American.
China continues to build weapons of mass destruction and missile systems of intercontinental range—which are hidden in miles of underground tunnels, estimated to be more than 3,000 total miles underground. No other country, except Russia, has such an aggressive spying program like China. China also attacks US cyber network on a daily basis, and yet the US says nothing in condemnation, nor imposes any sanctions. Worse, China openly called for legislation to disarm US citizens in the wake of the Newtown massacre—another sign that China sees a great advantage in a disarmed America, relative to future invasion plans.
China continues to experiment with the full range of stealth weapons and satellite kill vehicles. Small and medium range missiles continue to be deployed opposite Taiwan. One training aircraft carrier has already been deployed, and 3 advanced carrier designs are being built. Not a month goes by where China does not exercise its naval muscle as it intimidates smaller neighboring countries into yielding islands and territory in the seas around China that may contain oil deposits. The US is partly responsible for this new aggressiveness, having ousted Chinese oil concessions in Libya, and soon in Iran.
North Korea, the “bad boy” puppet of Red China, continues to throw its weight around militarily in the region. Korean leaders rejoiced in the successful launch on Dec. 12 of another long range rocket that put NK’s first satellite into orbit. But the people are still starving, and naval and border encroachments across the DMZ are a weekly affair in the Korean peninsula. The North Koreans are always probing the border to test US and S. Korean resolve—and we bend over backward to not respond in any way—which only emboldens N. Korea.
I continue to note the strange dichotomy between how the West aggressively targets Iran, who does not have a fully developed nuclear weapons program nor rockets capable of more than medium range delivery. Yet North Korea, the most tyrannical and aggressive nation on earth, has a full nuclear program, has tested several warheads and has the missile capability to delivery weapons of mass destruction as far away as Hawaii. Strangely, the US has guaranteed Pyongyang “no regime change,” and assured them that there are “no military options” on the table. I can only conclude that NK is being preserved by the globalists for a trigger event for WWIII.
In the Middle East, the US and NATO continue to seek a justification to create a no fly zone around Syria, which is always much more than that. US and NATO special forces intervene with secret military direction, spy satellite data, communications and special operations against targets too tough for irregular forces. This week, it appears that the American media is hyping the chemical weapons threat as an excuse to intervene.
NBC news claims that “Several die after Assad’s forces use ‘poisonous gases’” Note, they didn’t say chemical weapons, because that would be an outright lie. What someone used, and it was most likely NOT the Syrian government, was a dose of pesticide spray. “Several Syrians have died after inhaling poisonous gas released by government forces in rebel-held districts of Homs, local eyewitnesses and activists claimed Monday [hardly unbiased].”
In fact, it is doubtful that there were any deaths actually attributed to the “gas” which was really just fumes. NBC admitted that “The gas is thought to have been a concentrated irritant, but not one of the deadly chemical weapons stockpiled by the regime of Syria president Bashar Assad.” NBC had to admit that “Claims by either side in Syria’s bitter civil war are almost impossible to independently verify because journalists are rarely allowed access to the country.” But they still state such claims as fact.
Assad would have to be a fool’s fool to use anything the West could construe as chemical weapons, knowing that that is exactly what the West wants him to do.
If the US decides to capitalize on this report, and begins air attacks on Syrian aircraft, I would expect the regime to fall within 6-12 weeks. Israel is getting anxious to attack Iran, but cannot afford to do so until Assad is overthrown and his chemical and biological weapons are no longer a retaliation threat to Israel after striking Assad’s ally in Iran.
I reiterate my long-standing claim that the war against Iran will not turn into WWIII. Russia is showing not signs of stopping the West from overthrowing Assad. Russia can gain much more by letting Assad fall, snooping on our military technology, and allowing the West to appear once again as the aggressor.
None of these events have significantly altered my estimate that war with Russia and China is still 8-10 years away. It takes that long to complete war preparations on the scale required to take on the US, NATO and Israel. Russia and China are both very much afraid of what they don’t know about secret weapons systems being developed by the US.
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