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Joel Skousen: Russia and China Tighten Alliance Against the USA

World Affairs Brief, February 1, 2013 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
Russia and China Tighten Alliance Against the USA
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Russia is beginning to abandon the two-decade long deception of the “fall of Communism and the Soviet Union” and is actively becoming hostile to the US, as they tighten their strategic alliance with China. This week, I’ll detail how Vladimir Putin is deliberately building anti-US sentiment among the Russian people, and how the Chinese continue to worm their way into global financial circles while artfully dodging demands for more freedom for their people.
I don’t usually quote Russia Today (RT) since all media outlets in Russia are KGB directed, but when they are relishing the closer ties between Russia and China, that is a legitimate strategic direction in line with my theory that these two communist giants are joining forces and are preparing to attack the West someday.
“Russia and China, which share many of the same international concerns, are looking to fortify their strategic partnership. At a time when the neighboring countries are beginning to feel the heat of the US military, it seems only natural that Moscow and Beijing are beginning to plant the seeds of a long-term strategic relationship [not really something new, except that lately China is rising in military might resulting in tension between these two predators who know that one will eventually have to eliminate the other—and China intends to come out on top].
“Xi Jinping, the secretary-general of the Chinese Communist Party, underlined his country’s commitment to a Russian partnership… came to the unanimous conclusion that a ‘comprehensive strategic partnership’ between Moscow and Beijing remains the ‘top priority of their foreign policy.’
“Given the geopolitical realities of the region, it should come as no surprise that Moscow and Beijing are looking to forge a strategic partnership. Whereas China, traditionally an isolationist country that shuns bilateral alliances, rarely reveals its political hand, Russia made a leap of faith when it attempted to forge a so-called reset in relations with Washington. Today, the reset is in shambles, while many in Moscow accuse Washington of allowing the partnership to deteriorate [actually, Obama’s globalist handlers will use that “deteriorating” relationship to justify further “confidence building measures” like deeper cuts in nuclear weapons, which the US will comply with and Russia will not].
“Indeed, much of the blame for the Russia-US fallout is due to Washington’s plans to place a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, just miles from the Russian border. NATO, originally declaring its intention to cooperate with Russia on the project, remains intransigent, while even refusing to provide Moscow with a legal guarantee that the system will never be aimed at Russian territory [the intransigence by the US is not because they aren’t willing to make more stupid nuclear reductions, it stems from their desire to continue provoking Russia with ABMs which the Russians know directly threaten their first strike plans. The few ABMs the US has in place won’t stop the first strike but may delay the planned WWIII until Russia develops more decoy missiles as countermeasures. The US ABMs have no warhead, so are easily defeated by multiple false targets].
“In fact, given the current stalemate, the reset itself seems to have been merely a ploy to win Russia’s trust at the same time that a threatening military technology was being introduced courtesy of the Obama administration [Bogus reasoning. ABMs are not a threat except against offensive missiles. Russia’s concern for a purely defensive ABM system is proof that she intends to strike someday].”
Let me insert here some information a subscriber provided about a business associate currently working in Moscow: “He has a large software company with about 200 engineers still in Russia. He recently came back from Moscow and he told me that the Media and propaganda machine is in full swing to vilify the USA and that we are always on the wrong side. He also said there is a full campaign on that Stalin was the good guy and he was right and the western media has been telling lies and rewrote the history books. However, the piece that really got my attention was that his contacts in Russia told him they believe the war with the USA will start within 10 years. This is exactly what you were saying! I also thought it interesting that the Ukraine is thinking of shunning the EU and joining the Eastern Alliances.”
Yes, all of these anti-US and NATO moves are part of Russia’s effort to build up popular support at home for the notion that the US is the enemy. Reuters just reported that “Russia scrapped a law enforcement agreement with the United States on Wednesday, further turning back the clock on a reset in relations since President Vladimir Putin’s return to the Kremlin last year. … Lawmaker Alexei Pushkov, a Putin ally who heads the parliamentary committee on international affairs, welcomed the move. ‘Russia is reformatting its relationship with the USA: this is already the third agreement cancelled in the last half-year. We are saying farewell to our dependence on ‘Power No. 1’,’ he said”
One of those 3 agreements was very significant—withdrawal from the Nunn/Lugar agreement which provided for US taxpayers to dismantle older Soviet era missiles and clean up Russia’s environmental contamination from biological and chemical weapons factories. The agreement also provided for mutual inspections of nuclear facilities. Russia never allowed full access but now wants all US inspectors out of the country—hence the cancellation of the agreement which provided millions of US dollars to Russia. When stopping inspections is more beneficial than US aid, you know Russia has more to hide in its rearmament plans.
RT: “Meanwhile, China, which recently celebrated the launch of its first aircraft carrier [a refurbished Soviet era carrier for training only] (the US Navy already has six carriers assigned to the Pacific), is witnessing a growing US naval presence in the Pacific. The US military brass announced in June that up to 60 per cent of the Navy’s fleet will be deployed to the Pacific by 2020.”
Notice that RT never mentioned the huge increase in China’s regular naval forces in territorial waters of the Philippines and Japan that provoked the US increase in naval power. Of course, the US will never do anything to stop China. Secret US foreign policy dictates both provoking China by cutting off her access to oil and gas in Africa and being permissive of Chinese aggression in the Far East. The US often plays both sides of any conflict, so it is difficult for the public to understand what is going on.
Just as the US hopes to provoke an anti-US reaction in Russia by the deployment of ABMs in Eastern Europe (a correct policy if the US ever intended to use it, which they won’t until after a first strike is launched), it is hoping to provoke China with increased US military presence in the Far East.
As RT warned, “China to be surrounded by US stealth jets by 2017. The United States’ presence in the Asia-Pacific is about to be much more impressive: by 2017, the US is expected to have all but surrounded China, its number one economic rival, with fleets of the most advanced stealth warplanes in the world. According to recent reports from some of the Pentagon’s top-brass, Uncle Sam will be essentially surrounding the United States’ top competitor in only five years’ time. By 2017, the Air Force’s F-22s and B-2s, as well as a fleet of the Marine Corps’ F-35, will all be deployed east.”
RT is claiming that this shifting of US stealth assets is meant to be in a position to launch a preemptive strike on China’s 3000 miles of underground tunnels protecting China’s nuclear missile squadrons. RT claims to have seen a classified Pentagon document apparently ordering U.S. Strategic Command to plan on attacking China’s tunnel networks.
Positioning stealth aviation assets in Japan and other areas to the East of China is hardly “surrounding” her. If the US were really intending to prepare for war against China, they would not be downsizing their naval and aviation resources specifically capable of projecting power half-way around the globe, nor would it pursue unilateral disarmament. I can only conclude that this is a ploy to give China more reasons to claim the US is a threat—not that the US intends to block China. In every confrontation, the US backs down—even in the face of actual attacks on unarmed US reconnaissance aircraft.
“When the Pentagon first discussed its ‘strategic pivot’ earlier this year, Sen. Joe Lieberman, (I-Connecticut) dismissed rumors of an eventual skirmish, saying, ‘China and the US are so tied together economically and another Cold War is not in the interest of either that ultimately common sense will prevail.’”
This is also bad analysis, and wishful thinking shared by many. US globalist propagandists like Lieberman fail to see that China has been planning to attack the West for decades and will not let economic trade stop them. China wants more than trade with the US because trade is the door to technology transfer which she needs. Once China has all they need to come up to par with the US in military technology, it intends to strike the West and then rebuild commerce once we have surrendered. They intend to not only restore trade lost during the war, but also to gain absolute control over that trade, which they don’t have now.
While our globalist leaders conspire to cover for Russian and Chinese intentions, they don’t intend to let Russia or China win this war. Russia will be defeated and China will settle for becoming the West’s new cold war enemy after she betrays Russia and helps the West remove this other predator. In other words, China will start out on Russia’s side, see that she nor Russia can prevail and then switch sides to help defeat Russia and settle in for another cold war with the West.
Here is an interesting video on the Chinese military buildup (first part only—the rest is a slick financial pitch which I do not endorse):
China’s laughable response to demands for more freedom for its people: Emma Rowley caught this candid exchange at the Davos summit with Mr Daokui, formerly a policy-maker at China’s central bank. “‘Many argue China should go after the US model – free market, minimum regulation, low tax rates,’ he said. ‘The preference of the billions of Chinese people… I think is quite different from the Americans. In China, because of the tradition of Confucianism, people put more emphasis on public order, the social good … than individual liberty [Pure bull… He’s speaking for the preferences of the communist government, not the people].
“‘The Chinese economy will be more like the Singaporean or German model [with] relatively speaking to the US, less individual economic or perhaps individual freedom.’ As for how the people can make their preference known to the Chinese leadership, he said: ‘The answer is very simple. Twitter.’” That’s a laughable response. Yes, the Chinese commies will be listening all right, but taking names for future incarceration—not for government change.


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  1. Misha Mikhailevich

    Russia is NOT a communist country. What sand pile has your head been buried in. The Soviet Union and its communism died in 1991. Today businesses pay no income tax and the individual tax is 4%. The US is a socialist country and Russia is a capitalist country.

    • Joel knows exactly what is going on in Russia.
      Technically, communism fell, but it was actually a false fall, because many of the same people, or successors are in charge. The theory is that the “fall of communism” was in part implemented so America would lower its guard — which America certainly has — while Russia doesn’t abide by the disarmament treaties like we do. We give them a pass, while sharing our classified info with them.
      We’re also buddy-buddy with China, who wrote “The Art of War.”
      …while most Americans are preoccupied with sex, toys, or money — drinking the fluoridated water and aspartame in BPA plastic bottles, and eating the Monsanto’s GMOs.
      All of this is clearly demonic. As Joel says, the globalist plan has been going on for generations. But it looks now like we’re approaching endgame.

  2. Misha Mikhailevich

    Furthermore, China will not war against Russia. Russia has many tactical nuclear missiles to fend off this type of attack. China has known this for many years. Even the US and NATO are scared of Russia’s tactical nuke arsenal. China and Russia have too much in common right now and their alliance will not be torn asunder easily.

    • The attack-on-America theory shows Russia and China attacking the U.S.. This is supported by key prophecies, as well as Joel’s careful analysis. He’s been closely watching China and Russia for decades.

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