(audio) ‘Coast’ Fukushima Special — Seriousness Update + Dr. Apsley on Reversing Radiation Poisoning Through Nutrition!

Good update on the seriousness of Fukushima, but what is most noteworthy for me is Dr. John Apsley talking about how to reverse radiation poisoning through nutrition in hour 3. An article from Dr. Apsley’s site:

Tops Guns for Antioxidant Regeneration & Maintenance: Selenium, NAC & Melatonin plus Select Super Mushrooms

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Fukushima Special

Date: 11-09-13
Host: John B. Wells
Guests: Arnie GundersenDavid BlumeDr. John ApsleySteven Starr

John B. Wells was joined by four experts, Arnie GundersenDavid BlumeDr. John Apsley and Steven Starr, for a discussion on the seriousness and scope of the Fukushima situation.

Dr. John Apsley starts at 1hour 20minutes[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnrrh9xczME]09 November 2013 – Fukushima Radiation

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