(video) Joel Skousen: An Evil Pact Drives Globalists to Set Up USA for China/Russia Takeover | North Korea Will Be the Trigger

When North Korea attacks South Korea, and we respond with nukes, that will give Russia/China the excuse to nuke US, preceded by EMPs.

So when the war with North Korea is launched, and then the power goes out across America — nukes will be next!

Two videos:

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Communism Alive and Well in America

North Korea the trigger at minute-15 | EMP at minute-19


China Threatens to Start World War

Published on Jan 31, 2014

Alex continues with survival strategy analyst Joel Skousen discussing the plan for the fall of America, discrediting the Constitution and the very real possibilities of China trying to retake islands off the coast of the philippines and japan.


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2 thoughts on “(video) Joel Skousen: An Evil Pact Drives Globalists to Set Up USA for China/Russia Takeover | North Korea Will Be the Trigger

  1. Mr. Skowsen has said that the Fed has the power to keep everything going. They and the PTB elite built up China and have an interest in all the infrastructure they built. So, why, if they would not risk allowing the US economy to collapse, would they allow China to destroy everything in a war? Why also is China hoarding gold to the tune of 1,000 tons per month for the last 18 months by many estimates, with their population also buying like crazy, if they did not see the FED manipulation of the metals as a gift and that the true value would be realized? How can the FED cover derivatives losses to the tune of $250 trillion without destroying the value of the currency? Just asking.

    1. Joe,

      The reason that the PTB elite will keep the economy from totally collapsing is so the people don’t wake up and cry “freedom!”

      Joel believes the FED will do whatever it has to in order to milk the economy along so the people don’t jump out of the pot of water that keeps getting hotter and hotter, but not so fast that the majority will wake up.

      The FED can do whatever it wants, and won’t tell us what they’re doing, especially without Ron Paul there to grill them. Joel believes that most of Congress is compromised.

      China is buying hard assets, including gold, because gold is undervalued on purpose, partly so people don’t realize how bad the economy is.

      In today’s issue of World Affairs Brief, Joel wrote an article entitled, “How Bad is the Economy Really?” You can get a free issue by writing Joel. His website: http://www.worldaffairsbrief.com

      Wasn’t it in this interview where Joel explained how not everything the globalists do makes sense to regular people who haven’t made a pact with the Devil, like the guys at the “top” have. These guys are evil. They’re carrying out the NWO agenda prophesied in the Bible, and not enough Americans have enough character to stop them now. The Republicans are blaming everything on Obama, and they still won’t admit they were wrong in supporting Bush/Cheney doing many of the same things. And they even voted for John McCain instead of Ron Paul.

      Amazing. Some of it has been and still is willful ignorance, not wanting to believe the truth tellers like Joel Skousen, who has been warning about this for decades.

      And regarding the derivatives, Joel talks about how if the FED prints money from nothing to cover bad bank money, and it doesn’t go into circulation, it won’t spike inflation, like the economic doomsdayers have been predicting for years. The FED has already been doing this, as the partial audit showed. They do whatever they want, now, mostly without oversight and in secret.

      America has amused itself to death.


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