(video) Artists How They Are Sold The Soul To The Devil For Money & Fame ¿

This was recommended by Ron in (audio) Hagmann Report: Hollywood is a Satanic, Kabbalist Death Cult, 6/24/15 — Filmed homosexual orgies required to get in

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuvfsM4F9jo]Artists How They Are Sold The Soul To The Devil For Money & Fame ¿



Published on Mar 11, 2014

There is always someone looking for the easy way of obtaining more pleasure, wealth or power. I always find it fascinating the lengths some will try just to achieve what they desire most.”Sell his soul for cheap. Let’s make a deal, sell me your soul.
To be secured under the mighty power…
The devil has “no power” over us…
If we did not give to “consent” to “us”…
So the times we live in…
Where many people are deformed…
Influenced by the rapacious fury of the devil…
We are faithful Christians should not be afraid…
So let us trust our lives to the Lord Jesus….
To living in grace of the holy Sacraments…

“Hey Satan, pay my dues. I’m gonna take you to hell, I’m gonna get ya Satan. I’m on the highway to hell.” – AC/DC
“The dark covers me and I cannot run now.” – Amy Winehouse
“Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had.” – Anton LaVey
“I’m paying the price now for selling my soul. I sold my soul. Look into my eyes, you will see who I am. My name is Lucifer, please take my hand.” – Black Sabbath
“I made a bargain with him, the chief commander in a world we can’t see. (devil)” – Bob Dylan
“The devil took me by hand.” – Bon Jovi
“I could really try new things. That was Satanism, it works really well, I made a pact.” – Brad Pitt
“I sold my soul to the industry. I’m a slave for you. Dancing in the dark. I took a sip from my devil’s cup. Slowly It’s taking over me. Satan’s our lord. Devil’s lease.” – Britney Sp
“I sold my soul, only to the devil, and he wants it, you know.” – Casey Bill Weldon
“You don’t think of the devil who’s inside.” – Celine Dion
“So now the devil’s in my soul.” – Christina Aguilera
“Cause’ I sign a deal with the devil.” – David Banner
“Rock’s always been the devil’s music.” – David Bowie
“A friend of the devil is a friend of mine.” – Jerry Garcia
“I have the devil in me.” – Jerry Lee Lewis
“I was born in the soul of misery. I’ve broken reach from here to hell. Working in the dark.” – Johnny Cash
“I’ve sold my soul to the devil.” – John Lennon
“You waited on Satan’s call.” – Ozzy Osbourne
“”Lucifer Sam, always sitting by your side. He releaseth my soul for he has great power.” – Pink Floyd
“Dance with the devil. He wants your soul.” – Prince

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