Dangerous Metals In Lipsticks

Researches have proved that there are many dangerous metals in lipstick such as lead, aluminum, manganese, mercury, chromium, cadmium, cobalt, titanium, arsenic, copper and nickel. There are numerous shades and brands of lipsticks found in the market.

The ratio of these heavy metals vary from one lipstick to another, but all of them do contain at-least a few of these heavy metals, especially lead. The toxic metals in lipstick list down to many health issues.

Women who are very fond of applying lipsticks, touch up even about 20 times a day. So just imagine the quantity of dangerous metals in lipstick that get into your body. Due to its, ill-effects on health, lipstick is actually referred to as “Poison Pen” by researchers.

This article is specially designed for you to learn about the toxic metals in lipstick list.

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