This is REALLY encouraging!!! At minute-8:10, Carson even mentions Barack’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis. Joel Skousen likes Carson, believing Carson is the real deal. But I’ve been concerned with Carson’s extreme warmongering foreign policy, which seems as bad as was Sarah Palin’s.
He said recently that we should take on Russia in Syria (links below), which would be a disaster, and thinks we wear the white hat in Syria, and says we should regime-change Syria, just like we have in our other reverse-Christian, post-9/11 wars, taking out the countries that oppose the one-world government.
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[youtube=]Ben Carson Holds Press Conference On West Point Scholarship False Claims (11-6-15)

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Published on Nov 6, 2015

Ben Carson Holds Press Conference On West Point Scholarship False Claims (11-6-15)
November 6, 2015: GOP Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson addressed the media this evening on the alleged false claims he made in his book, “Gifted Hands”, including that he received a full scholarship offer to West Point and that he allegedly tried to stab a friend and hit his mother with a hammer.

Related — the main problem I’ve seen so far:
(video) HANNITY admits US regime-changing Syria through “American-backed rebels that want to depose Assad” • Sees Putin’s attack on rebels as “a proxy attack on the United States” • BEN CARSON to Russia: “you need to go take a flying leap” — Why the world hates US & is repelled from Christ! (contains links on what we’re really doing in Syria)
(video) David Knight on Ben Carson the ‘Christian’ Warmonger: “I am just so ASHAMED that the person that everybody is out there touting as a ‘CHRISTIAN’ candidate is this WARMONGER. I remember when RON PAUL was in a GOP debate, and he quoted the golden rule…. He was QUOTING JESUS to these people, and the GOP BOOED him and LAUGHED at him”