(audio) Syrian Girl: America is less moral than Syria, whom we're trying to regime-change for Israel

Women have rights in Syria, and Christians have been free.

“The plan is to destroy secularism in the middle east.” – Syrian Girl

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TgwkhmHHfY]Syria: David Duke Interviews SyrianGirlpartisan – April 10, 2013


Published on Apr 11, 2013

Syria: David Duke Interviews SyrianGirlpartisan – April 10, 2013

Dr. David Duke and the famous young spokeswoman for peace in Syria speak about the meaning of Deir Yassin, and give a full update of the terrorist destruction of Syria by the Zionists of Israel and America and their drive to divide and conquer a nation that the Zionists see as perhaps one of their greatest enemies.

A fascinating and wonderful conversation you will want to hear!


Name: Dr. David Duke



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