“This was an insane war that brought us low economically, morally,” Bernstein began.

“We went to war against a guy who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. It was a total pretext! It’s inexplicable and there you go to Cheney, there you go to Bush, there you go to the Jewish neo-cons who wanted to remake the world. Maybe I can say that because I’m Jewish. To bring about a certain result [in the middle east – ed.]…”

Responding to what many would consider a remark offensive to Jews, [Joe – ed.] Scarborough chimed in, even saying that Bernstein can stand accused of exhibiting symptoms of “Bush Derangement Syndrome.”

“It would be much worse if a Southern Baptist said that,” the “Morning Joe” host began.

“But I think actually some would accuse of you of Bush Derangement Syndrome there, that there was this grand conspiracy of the neo-cons and you said Jewish neo-cons, that they somehow went to war on a pretext for the State of Israel.”

Bernstein resisted Scarborough’s assertion [saying “no” – ed.], but the MSNBC host continued to lambaste the author most notable for having provided the crux of the Watergate scandal coverage alongside fellow controversial journalist Bob Woodward. (source with video also here)

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90Pm2Zpbq_4]The Most Famous American Journalist Exposes the Zionist Conspiracy

David Duke

Published on May 9, 2013

Carl Bernstein is perhaps the most famous and respected journalist in the USA, and here he says exactly what I have said since before the Iraq War, that it was a war created by the Jewish Zionists for Israel not for the United States. This invasion and mass murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people was based on lies, and we in America have paid the Zionist control over our government and media with our treasure and our blood. And we pay for it with hatred and attacks against America because these bloody Zionist Wars!