Skousen: Bilderberg Meets in Dresden — The conference will be filled with policy speeches on subjects of predictable concern to the globalists: climate change, immigration, the economy and the anti-EU movement. But the smaller side sessions among the very elite, who know the ultimate global agenda and its conflict-creation tactics, is where you’ll find the real tactical planning

World Affairs Brief, June 10, 2016 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Bilderberg Meets in Dresden

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It is that time of year again for the annual Bilderberg meeting with all its trappings of secrecy. The conference, which began yesterday in Dresden Germany, will be filled with policy speeches on subjects of predictable concern to the globalists: climate change, immigration, the economy, and the anti-EU movement. But the smaller side sessions among the very elite—who know the ultimate global agenda and its conflict-creation tactics—is where you’ll find the real tactical planning:

1) How to show concern about Russian and Chinese aggression without doing anything to hinder their progress toward an eventual world war with the West.

2) How to tamp down on the anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe while continuing to allow millions more into gain permanent status in Europe and America.

3) How to stop Donald Trump or co-opt him if Hillary can’t win.

4) They will be assessing their ongoing tactics to poison the British people against leaving the EU, and planning how to rig the election to make sure the “Brexit” doesn’t happen. See this article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the UK Telegraph on how the EU courts intend to compromise Britain’s legal system if it stays in the EU and how the current British high court is resisting EU legal controls.

5) They will also be strategizing on how to get global trade agreements to pass Congress.

6) They will be pushing for increased internet controls that eliminate anonymity in the name of cyber-security.

As is customary, Alex Jones’ crew of reporters has the best coverage of Bilderberg on Because of Jones’ expose of the secretive organization, Bilderberg pretends to increased transparency by publishing an official list of attendees. But there are dozens whose names are not on the list because they want to evade being tagged as globalists.

Four globalist journalists were openly listed, though many others will attend secretly.

Anne Applebaum, columnist for the Washington Post;

Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief of The Economist

Martin H.Wolf , Chief Economics Commentator of the Financial Times

Peggy Noonan, Columnist for The Wall Street Journal

But one name surprised me: Charles A. Murray, of the American Enterprise Institute—a supposed conservative who had done ground-breaking research on the bell-shaped curve that defies liberal notions that there are no differences between blacks and whites. Murray still stands by the differences he documented, so how do you get invited to a globalist confab holding such controversial notions? I don’t have an answer, but globalist don’t let real conservatives get inside their meetings.

Sir John Sawyer, former head of the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 is attending and one of the governing members. So is the former president of the EU Commission, José M. Barroso, a committed globalist.

Then there are always a few retired American generals—all schooled in globalism at the military War College. Some absorb it, others don’t. The latter don’t get promoted to high positions.

Philip M.Breedlove, Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe

David H. Petraeus, Former head of Joint Chiefs and Chairman, KKR Global Institute

Eric E Schmidt, former head of Google is a regular at Bilderberg, and deeply involved in government globalist projects around the globe. So is Republican and Libertarian financier Peter A. Thiel. (USA), President, Thiel Capital.

The neocon Senator from SC, Lindsey Graham, is there, proving that he isn’t a true conservative. Naturally, Henry A. Kissinger, and Christine Lagarde of the IMF rounded out the official list.

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