Believe TWA Flight 800 story? Pilots don’t — Cashill unearths shocking government decision to create a cover story to coverup shootdown

This was widely known among truthers way back then, including myself. Great to see it being proven further due to the tenacity of Jack Cashill.

Boeing had to be involved in the coverup, probably paid off by the government with an extra $lucrative$ contract. They took the blame, but had to know that kerosene jet fuel didn’t suddenly blow up in the tank.

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From: WND

Believe TWA Flight 800 story? Pilots don’t

New evidence points to shootdown of airliner

It’s one of the greatest mysteries in American history. But the government conspiracy of silence surrounding the destruction of TWA Flight 800 is beginning to break down – thanks in part to two books on the subject by crusading journalist Jack Cashill.

Years ago, Cashill wrote “First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America,” focusing on the evidence supporting a terrorism conclusion.

Now, his new followup, “TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-up and the Conspiracy,” brings the story up to date with shocking new details.

In his latest, Cashill unearths the shocking government decision to create a cover story after TWA Flight 800 was destroyed shortly after takeoff on July 17, 1996. All 230 passengers were killed. Officially, the “accident” was caused by flammable vapors in a fuel tank, with the catalyst most likely a short circuit. But Cashill reveals new evidence confirming that at least two surface-to-air missiles destroyed the 747 in full view of thousands along the popular south coast of Long Island. And since the book’s publication, more sources are coming forward to tell Cashill what they know. As one source told him, “I never knew where to turn before.”

“In the month since my book came out, I have been getting a solid lead or two a day about the fate of TWA Flight 800,” the author told WND. “This is the rare ‘conspiracy theory’ to which an entire industry – or something very close to it – subscribes. In the last month, I have heard from at least a half dozen 747 pilots, another half-dozen or so fuel tanks mechanics or engineers, a retired FBI agent, an NCIS vet, several eyewitnesses and numerous people who worked within the investigation in different capacities.

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