Trump defends Roger Ailes who ‘helped’ the women he’s accused of harassing

Hillary is still far worse, but I find defending Ailes unconscionable and disturbing!

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From: Daily Caller

Trump Defends Roger Ailes: ‘He Helped Those Women’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump only has good things to say about Roger Ailes, the chief executive of Fox News accused of sexual harassment.
“I think it’s so sad. He’s such a great guy,” Trump said of Ailes in a Friday interview with Bloomberg Politics. …

At least two dozen women have accused Ailes of sexual harassment, prompting the 76-year-old media mogul to step down as chairman and CEO of Fox News on July 21. The accusations came flooding in after Gretchen Carlson, a longtime Fox News anchor, launched a lawsuit against Ailes in early July. …

 “If you sleep with me, you could be a model or a newscaster,” Ailes told a 20-year-old….

Trump continues to praise Ailes in light of these allegations. “I can tell you that some of the women that are complaining, I know how much he’s helped them,” he explained in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “I’ve always found him to be a very, very good person. So I feel very badly.”

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2 thoughts on “Trump defends Roger Ailes who ‘helped’ the women he’s accused of harassing

  1. Of course, Trump supports Ailes, According to court pleadings, Trrump, is accused of raping a 13 year old girl, Katie Johnson, from Palm Beach, FL, after carrying her across state lines, to a sex party in New York, hosted by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Katie Johnson, is suing Trump, right now,
    In New York State Supreme Court, New York City. Do we really need that, in the White House? Really?

    1. Ron,

      That would explain Trump defending Ailes: “sexual offender” defending sexual offender, to be on Roger’s good side in case he needs Roger’s help. And to stay on Roger’s good side may mean supporting the neocon agenda that Ailes has pushed on Fox News.

      I have heard of this case, but Mike Rivero of “What Really Happened” dismissed it because of this claim:

      Trump and his brigade of lawyers, of course, have flatly denied the charges and attempted to poke holes in the story, by pointing out the woman named “Katie Johnson” many not even exist since her home address listed on the Trump pedophile lawsuit turns out to be an empty, foreclosed property at Twentynine Palms in California. source

      I read just now elsewhere that Katie’s case was dropped, but has been reopened, and that she has to pay her lawyer’s fees. The globalists are probably doing whatever they can to take him down so he can’t get in the way of them pushing their agenda.

      My #1 concern about Trump is his past relationship with Epstein, which I’ve actually expressed more on Facebook than on my blog. But I have posted on this potentially very serious problem. Because even if Trump is a changed man, which isn’t certain, if someone can prove pedophile behavior they can ruin him politically or can blackmail him.

      I posted this in February, which links to a few other related posts:

      (video) TRUMP BLACKMAILABLE? Meet the Billionaire Pedophile Pal of Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew — From underage prostitutes on orgy island to political royalty and the “Lolita Express,” the Jeffrey Epstein case continues to unfold

      If Trump thinks they can prove pedophilia, I would think he would drop out instead of let himself be blackmailed as President, but when one goes down this dark road, including the love of money, it’s hard to know.

      I find this even more disturbing because Fox News has been the #1 MSM deceiver of evangelicals and conservatives, and Ailes is one of the main men, besides Murdoch, peddling these lies on so many good people, of whom many have been pro-war neocons while watching Fox.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion.


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