(video) TRUMP QUESTIONED 9/11 – Yay! But 767 wings COULD PENETRATE the steel outer wall — “Both wings could be considered VIRTUALLY ‘SOLID’ STRUCTURES since they were filled to capacity with fuel. LIQUIDS ARE NOT COMPRESSIBLE.” And at that speed…

It’s refreshing to know that Trump questioned the official 9/11 story right after it happened (video is below); however, the wings probably penetrated the outer wall without the assist of bombs, as he surmised at the time. It would be interesting to hear what he would say now, 15 years later.

Dave VonKleist’s 2004 film, “911: In Plane Site,” showed there were bright flashes when the NOSES of the planes struck the Twin Towers, which very well could have been caused by explosives. But we don’t see such flashes when the wings strike the walls. And how could bombs make wing sized thin cuts as demonstrated in this photo? [See photo by itself here]

It is true that the outer perimeter walls were built from multiple square, structural steel beams, but the steel was only 1/4 inch thick near the top. Whereas, the walls of the 47 inner columns were much thicker.

1/4 inch walled steel beams seem substantial against aluminum wings, but momentum and another factor can easily account for the wings’ penetration.

This discussion debates this subject. It shows a video of high-speed water cutting through steel and an 1,100 mph ping pong ball going right through a paddle:

Mythbusters – Fast Ping Pong Ball

But there is one even more important factor:

One guy shares a video that shows a drinking straw can penetrate a potato as long as the person’s thumb covers the end, keeping air pressure within the straw. He states: “in the case of both wings, they could be considered to be VIRTUALLY ‘SOLID’ STRUCTURES, since they were filled to capacity with fuel. As (most) everyone knows, LIQUIDS ARE NOT COMPRESSIBLE.”

So it seems completely logical that fuel filled wings weighing as much as 41,000 pounds each (max capacity), traveling at 600+ mph would impact at enormous pounds per square inch, and could penetrate the 1/4 steel walled beams without the help of bombs.

Also, after the wings collided with the outer steel columns, it’s unlikely that any of the sturdier 47 interior steel columns were severed by the airplanes unless struck by the stout landing gear or engine shafts.


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Donald Trump on 9/11 TRUTH (Aired Sept.11, 2001)


Published on Sep 16, 2016


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